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Work and inspection visit to Tiaret province

Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Karim  Bibi-Triki has visited the province of Tiaret on Wednesday 24 April 2024 as part of a working and inspection visit to supervise the commissioning of some infrastructures of the sector for the benefit this area’s citizens.

The minister began his field trip to this province on Thursday, April 25th, 2024 with a presentation from the provincial sector director on the main post and telecom indicators. As regards postal services, this province comprises 86 post offices, with an estimated postal density of one post office per 12844 inhabitants.

In terms of telecommunications, as part of the infrastructure modernization, 1448 km of fiber optic have been deployed across the various municipalities of this area, as such, the number of fixed internet subscribers, all kinds combined, has reached 107096 subscribers.

Through the connection of urban areas to fibre optics, a total of 76 sites has been connected to this very high-speed technology, with a total capacity of 47848 accesses, to link 18343 subscribers. Added to this an action plan aiming at achieving 58 projects for connection of urban and residential areas to fibre optics, 7 upgrades to the outdated copper network via the installation of fibre optics, beside the creation of three links to reinforce the mobile network of fibre optics deployed throughout this province.

Concerning the linking of public administrations and institutions to fibre optics and improvement of public service in this region with quality and continuity, 57 administrative branches have been connected during the last four years, to enable citizens to get their civil status documents swiftly and safely.

The minister marked the first stop of his field visit at the postal  complex which includes a post office, a postal sorting centre, a data centre, a training and conference pavilion in addition to the postal unit direction of this province.

Also, the minister focused on the need for making more efforts to increase the postal density rate in some municipalities like Ksar Chellala , Sougueur , Frenda and Mahdia through building other post offices and, coordinating with local authorities about the use of available premises and renovating them.

Secondly, he visited the commercial agencies of mobile telephony operators while insisting on the need for making more efforts to improve coverage and urging citizens to make use of the available e-payment methods.

Thirdly, he supervised the commissioning of a commercial agency of Algerie Telecom in the capital of this province where he called citizens for using the digital spaces and mobile applications offered by the various commercial services online.

Fourthly, he inaugurated a new post office in Haï Ettafah district, the capital of this province. Thus,  contributing to make services closer to citizens.

Fifthly, he went to Sougueur municipality where he supervised the commissioning of another commercial agency of Algerie Telecom and urged its workers to welcome citizens and meet their needs at best.

Furthermore, the minister kicked-off the works related to the fibre optics deployment by young microentrepreneurs.

Besides, he visited Ksar Chellala delegated province in Rechaïga municipality and focused on the respect of the contractual deadlines, the quality and conformity to the adopted standards.

The minister concluded his visit by supervising the commissioning of a new post office in the capital of Ksar Chellala the delegated province, then inspected a post office in Elfritissa town under Serghine municipality, after extension and renovation works.