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Mail and Parcels Services

The « mail/parcels » activity is one of the main postal activities. In this regard, Algerie Poste offers services to natural people and companies.
Postal mailings can either be documents or goods:

1. Documents

  • Up to two (02) kilograms: letters, mail packages,
  • Up to 20 grams: postal cards,
  • Up to 200 grams: prints and samples,
  • Up to 3 kilograms: papers and periodic publications.
2. Goods
  • Up to two (02) kilograms: packages and small packages,
  • Up to twenty (20) kilograms for postal parcels.

1. Registered mail: The recommendation is a specific handling applied to a postal item with a flat-rate warranty against any risk of loss or deterioration, entitled to delivery against receipt.

2. Registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt: It is a postal service that enables any item sender to receive a proof of good reception, signed by the receiver or his representative.

The sender of a registered item can also require to be informed about the receiver’s reception of the item either by post (sending an acknowledgment of receipt) or by a telegram (barki@tic).

3. « Track and trace » Service: via This service allows the clients to follow up remotely their mailings via Algerie Poste’s website, through a barcode granted to their mailing (registered on the receipt given for registered mails of both regimes).

4. Mailing with Declared Value: This service, quite similar to recommendation, offers extra warranties to the sender by ensuring a safe mailing and trustworthy sending of small valuable goods and mails as well as the refund for the declared value in case of loss or damage.

5. Express: Express or « express » mailings are items which senders require their instant  delivery via a special carrier as soon as they arrive to the receiving office.

6. Withdrawal of Correspondences Items / Address correction: The sender of an item by post office is entitled to ask for its recovery as long as it was not delivered to its receiver. He can also modify the address.
Any request to withdraw correspondences or modify the address must be conducted in written and signed by the sender providing proof of identity.

7. Correspondence items sent cash on delivery: The sender can send an item and require from Algerie Post to recover its counter value while it is delivered to the receiver.

8. Rental of Post Boxes / Trade Boxes: Upon clients’ request, post boxes (or trade boxes) can be conceded in the post office of their residence postal district. Subscriptions are annual and renewable by tacit agreement.

9. Mail custody: For personal reasons, mainly in case of a long absence, clients usually served at home can require their mailings of any nature to be preserved by the post office serving their home during three (03) months at most.

10. Poste restante: Clients are given the facility to address their mailings “poste restante” in the post office of their choice so that they can withdraw them in person at the counter.

A fixed surtax is perceived per item, whatever maybe its nature or origin, except for introducing a subscription card at the current poste restante. Items of any nature addressed poste restante can only be delivered to the receiver him-self, or to his authorized representative, and upon presentation of an ID card.

11. Correspondence forwarding: In case of permanent or provisional change of residence, clients are given the option of forwarding temporarily or permanently to a new address they would mention upon a submitted request:

  • To mailmen on tour,
  • To counters,
  • By letter or telegram (Barki@tic).

12. Services of electronic telegram “Barki@tic”: The classic way of transmitting telegrams via telegraphic links using teletype writers or telephones is substituted by an electronic transmission way via the website called “Barki@tic”.
The latter is a messaging solution that transmits electronically messages to clients from a post office to another and also delivers them physically to receivers;
All post offices linked to computer network have the following “Barki@tic” service:

  • Urgent telegram,
  • Multiple telegram,
  • Telegram with a paid response,
  • Acknowledgment of receipt,
  • Receipt of deposit,
  • Communication of the original telegram at the counter,
  • Cancelling before transmission (written request),
  • Cancelling before delivery by the receiving office (written request),
  • Copy of telegram,
  • Hand delivery,
  • Sending a certified true copy by post office.

1. Bulk mail and parcels delivery: Algerie Poste gives companies the opportunity to have a particular handling of their mailings in post offices near their premises.

2. Rental of franking machines: This service is about offering companies smart franking machines to automate franking operations internally.

3. On-site mail collection: Algerie Poste offers companies the service of direct collection of mails wherever they are headquartered. A mailman moves to companies’ headquarters at their convenience to submit mailings in the postal network.

4. Hybrid mail: This service is about combining electronic data handling and the physical delivery of documents that embody them (like summons, notices, pay slips…) by benefiting from competitive prices and a forward payment.

As part of this service, Algerie Poste covers the process of mail management from start to finish, i.e.:

  • Safe electronic reception from remote sites;
  • Layout, design of pages/letters and printing;
  • Enveloping and franking;
  • Electronic sorting;
  • Storage and archiving;
  • Routing, delivery and handling of return mail.

For banks, Algerie Poste offers a management solution from start to finish (customization, routing, delivery, …) of their requests for standardized checkbooks.

5. Unaddressed mailing: This service is about delivering advertising documents (flyers, discount coupons, leaflets, catalogues) for a specific geographic area (district, town, city, street,…) nationwide. This service can be used to get new clients somewhere away from the company’s sale point or simply to better manage their clients’ relationships.

6. Final forwarding of mail: This service meets the need for tracking all the mailing by Algerie Poste in case of relocation or change of address. It allows to:

  • Keep the company’s activity reactive by avoiding delays in correspondences with clients thanks to the daily forwarding of folds, through the received letters;
  • Enhance the company’s organization by transferring again the mail to its new address.

7. Mail custody: This service enables to keep the mail by Algerie Poste during the provisional ceasing of the company’s activity, within a period not exceeding three (3) months.

8. Wholesale of service prints: This service allows to order the several postal services prints in any post office and to get them shortly. (Recommended, acknowledgment of receipt, orders,…)

9. Recommended mail: With recommended service ®, the delivery of commercial letters is conducted in return of a signature or delivery license for a person entitled to take the delivery. Algerie Poste enables companies to benefit from a flat-rate warranty for damages resulting from the lost, damage or incorrect delivery of recommended mails. The electronic tracking of mails allows knowing where the mailing handling is exactly and following actively its progress.

10. Mail with declared value: This service contributes to improve trusting relations between the company and its clients, suppliers and administrations. This service enables to have:

  • a safe mailing delivery,
  • a delivery on signature by the receiver of his representative,
  • a notice of receipt,
  • a compensation of the declared content during submission in case of loss or damage,
  • a tracking service.

11. Correspondence items sent cash on delivery: This service is dedicated to companies operating in remote sale of goods. The company can send goods and ask Algerie Poste for recovering their counter value at the delivery to clients.

12. Bulk telegram “BARKI@TIC” : Barki@Tic is a messaging solution which enables the electronic mailing (greetings and condolence messages, invitations and summonses, formal notices…) via intranet and message editing on the same day. Barki@Tic is meant for public administrations, economic companies, financial bodies like banks, insurance companies and liberal professions. Barki@Tic enables to have a delivery proof, a remote tracking of telegrams and costs adjusted to message specification. Algerie Poste offers administrations and economic operators the opportunity to submit bulk telegrams in post offices in electronic format.

13. “Barki@Tic Pro” Telegram: For administrations and economic operators who are geographically far from post offices, Algerie Poste offers “Barki@Tic Pro” enabling to send telegrams directly from companies headquarters thanks to a private and safe connection on Mobiconnect system.

14. Authorized mail carrier: You can be represented at the post office by a mail carrier who can:

  • Recover your mail directly without the need for the mailman’s arrival,
  • Carry out any postal or financial transaction.
  • 74 specialized centers for mail handling and delivery
  • 8 regional sorting centers
  • 1 national and international sorting center
  • 3 postal parcels centers
  • 1 hybrid mail and publishing center
  • 1 national center of complaints handling of both regimes
  • 60 air links of mail delivery in both regimes
  • Around 400 vehicles used to deliver mails.
  • About 300000 P.O.Boxes.
  • 500 franking machines.
  • Over 160000 postal parcels handled every year, all segments taken together.
  • 45000 postal parcels handled every year in both regimes.
  • over 500000 telegrams delivered every year.
  • Over 08 million checkbooks produced every year.