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The Minister’s Word

The postal and telecommunications sector has experienced unprecedented dynamism in recent years, thanks to the mobilization of all workers, each according to its intervention level and missions’ nature, which has made it possible to achieve great progress in terms of developing and modernizing all technological ingredients that our national economy needs.

The results and figures obtained and recognized call for pride and inspire confidence and determination to each of us to continue the work with the same commitment and rigor, but they guide us to the need to be aware of the strategic issues that surround our national economy and society. These bets must be constantly reviewed because we are mobilized above all to provide the solutions that our citizens, institutions and businesses need, which means that what is sufficient in the present may become insufficient or inappropriate in the near future.

Of course, we have focused our efforts on a strategic vision that allows us to keep pace with deep technological contexts at the global level, and our progress in optical fiber spread across the country is only one embodiment of this vision, but we are still at the beginning of the path without forgetting the importance of the threshold of a million families connected through this technology.

The achievements and figures that have been realized, such as the improvement and diversification of e- payment means and methods, are of great importance, notably for what they express. These results would not have been obtained without the qualitative change undertaken by the sector in terms of management and organizational culture: today, we develop ambitious plans and strategies and mobilize our capacities to implement and adapt them if necessary; we evaluate our efforts and results and correct trajectories, we coordinate within the sector and with other sectors… we are aware of our central roles and play them effectively. These are major achievements that must be valued and worked to consolidate and sustain.

Therefore, let us continue to work in this dynamic to strengthen the capacities of this infrastructure in addition to improve our sector’s services, pursuant to the high directives of the President of the Republic, while embodying and accompanying his will to realize the digital transformation and to generalize the use of information and communication technologies in various fields for the different segments of our society throughout our vast homeland.