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Strengthen Financial Inclusion and Widespread of the E-Payment

As part of the efforts to promote financial inclusion and the widespread use of electronic payments, our Ministry Department is actively engaged in implementing measures and procedures to facilitate the digital transformation and technological development, to enable citizens to benefit from the various available digital services. Thus, to facilitate payment transaction in context of e-commerce

In this regard, our sector has recorded very positive indicators in terms of electronic payments, as evident from the figures related to electronic payment transactions conducted through various available means, as mentioned below:

1. Increase in the number of EDAHBIA cards in circulation

The number of EDAHABIA cards in circulation issued by Algeria Post has risen from 6 million cards at the beginning of 2020 to over 13 million cards by the first quarter 2024, representing an estimated increase of 100%.


Number of EDAHABIA cards in circulation

Increase in the number of EDAHABIA cards in circulation


“BaridiMob” is considered the most downloaded mobile application among financial apps in Algeria on Android devices, with over 5 million downloads.

The amount and the number of transactions carried out through this application (topping up cell phone balances, paying Algerie Telecom bills, paying Algérienne des Eaux (ADE) bills, paying SEAAL bills, etc.) recorded a significant increase between 2020 and 2022, estimated at more than six (06) times for transaction amounts and more than twenty-four (24) times in terms of the number of transactions carried out through the BaridiMob application.


The increase in the number of EDAHABIA cardholders and the expansion of the range of services available on Algerie Post commercial platform, have led to a significant rise in the number and amount of online payment transactions, increasing by 98% between 2020 and 2022, while the transaction amount has risen by approximately 240% over the same period.

66 million electronic payment transactions

Interoperability has improved service for EDAHABIA and interbank cardholders alike, with a continuous increase in access for interbank cardholders to Algerie Post (ATMs).

Moreover, the strategy adopted in this context, among which, increasing the number of EDAHABIA cardholders and the number of ATMs and enhancing the availability of cash at these ATMs, has enable to  double the overall number of withdrawal transactions from 13 million monthly transactions to 24 million transactions. This was achieved without increasing the number of transactions conducted at traditional post office counters, allowing for a higher number of citizens to be served while reducing the pressure on post offices.