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Postal universal service

The universal postal service is defined as “a minimum offer of basic postal and postal financial services of specified quality made available to the public, permanently, throughout nationwide, at affordable rates and in compliance with the principles of equality, continuity and universality”.

1. Universal postal service content

The universal postal service contributes primarily to :

  • The sustainability of postal activity;
  • The universality of postal activity;
  • The continuity of the public postal service;
  • The population’s access to quality postal services and postal financial services at affordable rates;
  • Improved administrative, financial performance and quality of service;.
  • Guarantee the security of deposited funds.

The universal postal service covers the following activities:

  • Letter post service up to 2 kg, including books, catalogs, and periodicals;
  • Registered and declared value shipments;
  • Parcels weighing up to 20 kg;
  • Telegrams;
  • Shipments for the blind ;
  • Payment of pensions and social mandates ;
  • Regular collection and delivery in sparsely or difficult-to-access areas;
  • Assistance for people with specific needs through reserving special counters in postal offices;
  • Postal presence in all conurbations, which can be strengthened and /or replaced by multi-service counters or mobile post offices.

Algeria Post is responsible for providing the universal postal service. As such, it is required to provide this service in accordance with the obligations defined in the relevant specifications adopted by the multisectoral commission responsible for managing the Universal Service Support Fund.


In application of the principles of equity and equality that the Government strives to materialize in various field through its action plans, our ministerial department works to provide postal and postal financial services, to all citizens, in an equitable manner, throughout nationwide, relaying on the means and resources available, such as the Universal Service Fund for Post and Electronic Communications. The mechanism that has enabled the funding of the following projects:

  • Construction of nine (09) new post offices in five (05) wilayas out of the twenty-eight (28) offices included in the current Universal Service program;
  • Rehabilitation and equipping of ninety-three (93) post offices out of the one hundred twenty-four (124) offices included in the current Universal Service program;
  • Acquisition of twenty-four (24) mobile post offices out of the thirty-nine (39) offices included in the current Universal Service program.