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Protection against malicious advertising

The cyber space has become one of the most significant markets for advertising.

Advertising service providers leverage the web to disseminate their content in various forms, including banner ads inserted on electronic pages. With the emergence of online advertising, cybercriminals in particular exploit the latter, often on a large scale, to carry out their cyber attacks on both targeted and untargeted individuals.

What are malicious advertisements (Malvertising)?

The phenomenon of malicious advertisements, known as “Malvertising,” involves injecting malicious code into digital ads. These infected ads which are typically broadcasted through advertising networks and trusted websites,  risk  to infect your device  through the malicious code, even if you do not click on it.

In order to  ensure protection against malicious advertising, a guide has been drawn up by our Ministry Department to provide users , information system security managers, and developers with a set of best practice recommendations with regard to prevention and protection against the phenomenon of malicious advertising.

Download the protection against malicious advertising guide