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Algerian projects win awards at WSIS Prize 2024 Contest

Algerian projects selected for the contest of the Forum of the World Summit on the Information Society « WSIS Prizes 2024 » organized annually by the ITU, have distinguished themselves with honorable results worldwide.

Indeed, the Project of Center for Digitization and Documentation of Heritage and Arts (Sétif), submitted by the Association of science and technology digitization, has won the first prize in the category of cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content. The prize was granted by ITU’s Secretary-general in presence of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

In the same vein, three other projects were nominated to the final of the contest with distinguished results. It is about those submitted by : National employment agency (ANEM), national corporation SONELGAZ and a research team made up of BOUGATAYA Nesrine, HACHEMI Amira, HADJI Ayat and BOUMENSOURA Warda.

It is worth pointing out to the fact that ITU’s members are eligible for participating in this contest through stakeholders from ICT field, i.e. government bodies, economic operators or innovators with ICT projects, accomplished projects, projects in the final stages or those not yet embarked provided that they are worth supporting and distinction.

In addition to the eighteenth (18) laureates and seventy two (72) extra laureates to the WSIS Prize 2024, the distinguished projects will be published in the WSIS stocktaking : success stories 2024 » while all other projects and activities presented in this contest will be involved in the « report of the stocktaking WSIS D 2024 » .