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Algeria hosts Arab symposium on express mail EMS

In his capacity of representative of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Secretary-General  Mr. Abdelouahab Bara has inaugurated on May 15th, 2024 the « Arab symposium of the express mail EMS » scheduled on May 15-16.

This event, organized by « EMS Champion Post Algeria », subsidiary of Algérie Poste, brings regularly together senior executives of EMS in order to reinforce cooperation among the Arab countries and develop express mail activities and services.

In his speech, the secretary-general has indicated this symposium is an opportunity to exchange experiences and know-how to lay the foundations for new strategic partnerships enabling to boost express mail activities within the Arab countries, mainly through the assessment of performance, the identification of gaps and flaws to enhance the exchange of ideas and proposals and draw on smart

solutions and practical mecanisms likely to contribute to improve the quality of postal service to meet Arab citizens’ expectations.

As for the Algerian approach about express mail development, the secretary-general has highlighted the importance of this aspect in the sectoral plan in progress jointly and in cooperation with all postal and financial actors and partners.

Furthermore, he added the figures and indicators registered in this field in Algeria are evidence of the efforts carried out, the important achievements and human and financial plans undertaken by our country.

It is worth mentioning EMS is a universal postal service in charge of mail and goods delivery accross the globe provided by postal operators affiliated to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which embodied 175 countries and territories.