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Algeria hosts 5th Trans-Saharan Optical Fiber Backbone Liaison Committee

Algeria has hosted the 5th session of the Trans-Saharan Optical Fiber Liaison Committee on July 7th, 2024. Secretary-general of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Abdelouahab Bara has supervised the inauguration of the aforementioned session in presence of ambassadors of the concerned countries, CEO of Algeria Telecom group in addition to the secretary-general of the committee and its members.

In his speech, the ministry’s secretary-general highlighted the importance of such a session as a key space for reinforcing coordination and multilateral negotiations as well as a suitable opportunity to federate energies and exchange visions around the means for accelerating the achievement of this project.

Furthermore, he asserted Algerian’s commitment to achieve this project in view of the completion of works on its territory through the deployment of 2600km of fiber optic linking Algiers to In Guezzam in addition to the extension of another line until Tindouf province, as part of the encouraging efforts to improve the indicators of ICTs widespread use by modernizing its infrastructure.

As for Secretary-general of the Committee, Mr. Mourad ELALIA, he indicated this project has achieved significant progress since it constitutes a part of the strategic initiative related to the link of six countries: Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Chad via the fiber optic. This will facilitate commercial and cultural exchange; strengthen economic integration and social cooperation among these countries.

He added this session will enable to discuss the progress rate of works and the ways to finalize the project.