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Two Algerian photos among 10 best photos worldwide have won in WSIS Photo Contest 2024

Two Algerian photographs by Photographer Yahia Talbi from Béni Abbès province have been selected among the ten best photographs in the world. The annoucement of results took place as part of the WSIS Photo Contest 2024. The latter is about participating with photographs from all over the world to showcase how the ICTs play an enabling role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

In this respect, the Algerian photos entail an important symbolism. Indeed, the first one shot in Timoudi area, south of Algeria, portrays the different generations’ keeping up with modern means of communication. It represents an old lady who is calling her grand-daughter whom she has not seen for ages with emotions in her eyes. 

While the second, which is shot in Tinerkouk, south of Algeria, portrays the close ties between young Hamhama and the camel through a video call with his friends, thanks to the ICTs which shorten distances.