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The Minister of Post and Telecommunications partakes in the opening of Algeria Fintech E-Commerce Summit 2024

Minister of Post and Telecommunications Mr.Karim Bibi-Triki has supervised on Monday, March 5th, 2024, jointly with Minister of Knowledge Economy, Startups and Micro-Enterprises, Mr. Yacine El-Mahdi Oualid, the opening of the Algeria Fintech E-Commerce Summit 2024 on March 5-7 at the École Supérieure d’Hôtellerie et de Restauration of Algiers.

This important event organized and cosponsored by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, the Minsitry of Knowledge Economy, Startups and Micro-Enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce and Exports Promotion, the Minisrty of Digitalization and Statistics, along with many experts and professionals from telecommunications, digitalization and banking fields, aims to inform the public about the new advances in financial technology, the latest applications in financial industry and developping startups in finance.

Furthermore, this Summit aspires to enhance establishing relationships and optimize partnership among financial companies,

technology providers, startups and stakeholders from financial services field as well as to promote Algerian talents innovating in the aforementioned realms.

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications also visited the exhibition area where participating bodies, companies and operators were present. He also co-hosted a panel discussion with his counterpart, the Minister of the Knowledge Economy, Start-ups and Micro-Enterprises, during which he answered questions and concerns asked by the audience on the role of the sector and its contribution to the development and promotion of financial technology markets and e-commerce.

In this context, the Minister declared the postal and telecommunications sector is working, in parallel with the development and modernization of postal and telecommunications infrastructure, to create an ecosystem conducive to the development of applications and intelligent solutions, to support the growth dynamic of the digital financial services and e-commerce sector, on the one hand, and to pursue efforts to generalize the use of ICT among citizens, whether families or operators, notably through the improvement of high and ultra-high-speed connectivity. He added the sector aims to encourage citizens to adopt electronic means of payment and e-commerce transactions to acquire goods and services, with due care and vigilance.  In the same vein, the Minister referred to the national awareness-raising and information campaign on the use of e-commerce.