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Symposium on necessary conformity of activities conducted by post and telecoms institutions and organisms

As part of the action aiming at ensuring the conformity of activities of the post and telecoms institutions and organisms with the provisions of law 18-07 relating to the protection of natural people while processing personal data, a symposium via videoconference has been organized about the support and awareness raising of the sector’s actors in 58 provinces, about the need for the strict respect of the content of the legal framework aforementioned, while processing personal data.

This meeting, chaired by Mr.Abdelouahab Bara, Secretary-general of the ministry, was conducted in presence of the head of the minister’s office, executives from the ministry, directors of province in charge of the post and telecoms in addition to operational directors from Algerie Telecom and directors of postal province units. There was a presentation during this event about the main provisions of law 18-07 and its applications in the sector’s institutions and organisms. It was an opportunity for participants to ask their questions about this very important topic. Furthermore, this symposium was an interactive space to provide more explanations and clarifications on the potential situations they might face while carrying out their assignments when dealing with personal data in a bid to ensure a permanent public service with full respect of the current legal rules.