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Post and telecoms sector keeps participating to manoeuvres about Emergency Plan

 The first manoeuvre on the regional scale took place in Tébessa province with the participation of the sector on May 20th, 2024 as part of a simulation of a fire in this area.

The second one was in Mila province with the participation of the sector on May 15th, 2024. It was about a simulation to extinguish a fire in Medious and Kikaya respectively in Mila and Sidi Merouane municipalities.

The sector’s contribution to these manoeuvres is included within the optimization of access to connectivity and telecoms by the operators Algerie Télécom, Algérie Télécom Satellite and mobile telephony operators.

Indeed, these operators have commissioned mobile base stations as well as satellite stations VSAT with the involvement of all human and

material capacities, which enabled to provide all quality services of mobile telephony, internet and connectivity in many operational  command centers and the logistic base.

It is worth mentioning the plans of emergency organization involve many sectors and are based on numerous norms like that of connectivity and telecoms concerning the post and telecoms sector. In fact, the senior officials responsible for this aspect see to provide all the necessary means likely to ensure telecoms services to the competent authority in charge of disasters management and to citizens as well. Besides, they work on restoring and upgrading telecoms network as soon as possible.