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Commemorating african telecommunications / ict day

Algeria, like other African countries, celebrates the African Day of Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies, corresponding to December 7th, of each year. This date goes back in its symbolism to the African Telecommunication Union (ATU) anniversary founding, on December 7, 1977.

As such, an annual theme is chosen by the Union’s Directors Board to commemorate the occasion, in line with the developments and requirements of ICT’s world. The theme “The Role of ICTs in Digital Financial Inclusion” was chosen to celebrate African Telecommunications Day, 2022. On this occasion, our Sector highlighted its most important achievements over the past two years, notably those related to the strengthening of international Internet access capacity, and efforts to consolidate ICT infrastructure in Algeria, which is the basis for digital financial inclusion.Furthermore, the positive indicators recorded in electronic payment were highlighted, recalling the initiatives aimed at promoting the digitization process of the Sector, particularly, the digitization of Algerie Poste’s services while adapting to progress made in this area, to guarantee digital financial inclusion and facilitate daily life for citizens by offering them modern services.