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Awareness raising activities on Safer Internet Day

As part of the celebration of the Safer Internet Day, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has planned a range of activities related to awareness rising about the risks of internet misuse by children and the preventive measures.

At the core of the activities scheduled jointly with its partners from the Ministry of National Education, that of Solidarity, Family and Women’s Condition, the Command of National Gendarmerie,  Directorate General for National Security, the National Authority for Protection and Promotion of Children as well as Algérie Telecom corporation, our sector has launched, as of February 7th, a national campaign for awareness raising in schools all levels included in a bid to update pupils about the potential hazards of internet surfing by giving them advice and practical guidelines on the safe and secured attitude in this virtual space inspired from the main recommendations and experiences as regards children’s protection against the cyber risks.

As an act of proximity awareness, the sector’s local executives participate also in the information programs through local radios to draw the attention of citizens as regards the drawbacks of unsafe internet surfing and to guide them to adopt the preventive measures mainly those recommended in such a case.

IIn the same realm, and considering the ethics and good practices to observe in the ICT’s use and for the protection of internet users who are the sector’s top priority, the Ministry has embarked, via its facebook page, on a series of publications of awareness raising aimed for parents, teachers and tutors about the risks encountered online by children as well as the means and ways of electronic swindling, the recommendations and guidelines likely to ensure a safe surfing.