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The Minister supervises the opening of a conference on AI in financial field

Minister of Post and Telecommunications Mr.Karim Bibi-Triki has supervised the opening of a conference on « Intelligent finance: to surf the future via AI », organized by « Algérie Poste » on Monday, April 15th, 2024 in Algiers, in the presence of the High Commissioner for Digitisation as well as the Chairman of Committee on Transport and Telecommunications of the People’s National Assembly .

The proceedings of this conference concerned the study of the advantages, applications and solutions offered by the AI to develop the financial field. It was also about sharing visions and experiences about the ways and means of this technology’s use to promot financial inclusion in Algeria  and to explore the stakes and challenges appertaining thereunto in terms of ensurance against cyber risks and protection against swindling in order to come to recommendations likely to create a suitable climate for research and creative innovation as well as cooperation and fruitful partnerships in this realm.

As he took the floor, the Minister dealt with the swift evolution of financial services sector thanks to the new technology primarily the AI which will play a key role in reinforcing efficiency of performance and improving client experience by strengthening  the ensurance of financial transactions.

Furthermore, the Minister tackled in details the description of the importance of data and their impact on the economic boost, in general, while focusing on the need to control its massive influx  and to extract the added value through its analysis mainly via machine learning and predictive analystics to allow the deduction of information which help to rationalize and target managers’ decisions swiftly.

As regards our country’s strategy relating to the improvement of the quality of postal financial services pursuant to commitment 25 of President of the Republic Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune about « the achievement of digital transformation to improve communication and generalize the ICTs use mainly in public service administrations and the improvement of economic sector’s governance » as well as the adaptation of the sector’s operators with the technological transformations and their response to citizens’ expectations, the Minister has indicated that Algérie Poste has committed to modernize its management and its services in a bid to provide public service to meet citizens’ demands and those of the actors of finance and financial inclusion.

In the same context, the Minister added this conference is  included within the endeavour of the company aspiring to adopt the latest technologies and to open up to their environment like universities, research centers and start-ups in order to encourage innovation and improve its performance.

In this conference, there have been interesting presentations and debates led by groups of experts and key actors from FINTECH, scientific reserach closely related to digital field, innovation and start-ups.

On the sidelines of this meeting, a framework agreement has been signed between Algérie Poste and National School of Artificial Intelligence.