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FAQ Postal Services

The recipient or sender can make a complaint (formula n°846) at any post office. For admissibility, the complaint should not exceed one year from the day after the deposit of the object. The deposit of a complaint means to be charged a fee.

The recipient or sender can make a complaint (forumla CN08) at any post office. For admissibility, the complaint should not exceed 6 months from the day of deposit. This means to be charged a fee.

  • To check the website
  • To ask it from the post office near your home.

Postal boxes (or commercial boxes) may be granted in a post office responsible for distribution to a natural or legal person domiciled in the postal division of that establishment.

The customer must :

  • Fill application n°763 (provided at the post office).
  • Provide a residence certificate.
  • Show his valid ID card.

Ordinary subscriptions start from January 1st and can be renewed by tacit agreement. The supscription amount can be done cash or by post or bank cheque, or the annual subscription renewal shall be as of December 15th.

If the customer wants the classification in his box of correspondence covered with different labels, he shall then :

  • mention on application n°763, the names and surnames of other subscripbers;
  • pay 20% of the amount of the main supscription fee per subscriber.

The annual subscription rate for post office boxes called « of commerce » is defined as follows:

  • For a natural person ………………… DZD 1 000
  • For a legal person …………………… DZD 4 200

It is about sending telegrams electronically. Any natural person can go to any post office to do that. As for the moral person, it should contact the postal unit direction to conclude an agreement.

Applications for mail forwarding can be submitted, either:

  • To mailmen on tour;
  • At the counter by asking the customer to show his ID card (his valid ID card);
  • By mail or a telegram (Barki@tic);
  • Established systematically by the head of the post office taking into account the information obtained by mailmen while they were on tour.

Notice: Applications made by phone are not accepted.

Deposit of forwarding orders:
Any change of residence is taken into account in all post offices on forwarding cards :

  • Sample n°755A for temporary change of address (3 months).
  • Sample n°755B for final change of address.

Duration of forwarding:

  • Final change of address:
    The validity is fixed to one year plus the number of days possibly to run until the beginning of the 13th month. For instance, an order submitted on January 19th is valid until January 31st of the following year.
  • « Poste Restante » mailing:
    The validity is fixed to the end of the third month following that of deposit.
  • Forwarding from a residence on the poste restante in the same location:
    The validity is fixed to three (3) months. At the expiry of the deadlines aforementioned, mailings are returned to the origin with the mention « Does not live at the indicated address and should return to the sender ».
  • The duration of implementation of final orders can ben extended and granted by heads of post offices against payment of a new tax.

Various reasons for forwarding :

  • Temporary or final change of residence by the recipient;
  • Fausse direction;
  • Defect of address.

You can address your mails bearing the mention « Poste Restante » from any post office so that the recipient can withdraw them in person at the counter. A fixed surchage is to be paid per object, whatever maybe its nature or origin, except for submitting a valid subscription card.

This card is issued by all post offices upon request.

The fees for mails addressed « Poste Restante » are fixed as follow :

  • Newspapers and periodicals (Fixed fees applicable per paper or periodical) DZD30.
  • Other objects (Fixed fees applicable per object) DZD55.
  • Annual subscription fee DZD2000.

The file shall comprise the following documents :

  • The applicaiton « request of poste restante service » (The application is available at all post offices);
  • A copy of the valid ID card;
  • 2 identity photos.

The subscription card to poste restante is valid for a year as from the day of issue.

The deadline for keeping non distributed correspondances of poste restante is one month. For

Instance, if an object is received on July 2nd, it is then be kept at the post office until July 31st   included.

This proxy is subject to stamp duty, this proxy can be n°776 to be filled or a notarized authorization.

The postal proxy is valid only in the post office in which it was deposited.