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Fostering micro-enterprises’ projects

Desiring to involve the ideas of the youth and project-holders in the country’s development process, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications had signed a framework agreement in 2020 with the Ministry in charge of Micro-Enterprises in a bid to encourage micro-enterprises projects that had benefited from the National Entrepreneurship Support and Development Agency, to accede to the public demand. Pursuant to this agreement, both parties agreed mainly to:

  • Work on establishing trust and cooperation climate among the several bodies and institutions concerned with the framework agreement’s content as regards postal, telecommunications and micro-enterprises sectors;
  • Ensure the unification of efforts to assist and backup young ideas and economic project-holders in postal and telecommunications field.

In this respect, as regards Algerie Telecom corporation, a commission has been set up to update the standard specifications related to substitution, reform and development of the network of copper cables as well as that of fiber optic, aspiring to facilitate the procedures for micro-enterprises’ access to public demand and establishing transparency.

As such, micro-enterprises can sign deals with Algerie Telecom corporation according to new specifications that also include micro-enterprises without professional references or seniority, by making Algerie Telecom grant a certificate of sound execution to these enterprises after the achievement of “an experimental site” with a small capacity of 50 houses.

In addition, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has created a local follow-up cell to implement the agreement in each province, made up of representatives of both sectors. It had also launched the e-portal “SAFQATIC” to provide equity, transparency and competition at a large scale for young micro-enterprises’ holders in post and telecommunications. This portal is meant to give access to all public tenders about achieving the projects of the sector’s bodies and corporations.  To that end, our Ministry has sought to encourage and channel economic operators as regards enabling micro-enterprises to accede to public demand.

The number of concluded projects for 2021 with micro-enterprises had reached 1893 projects for a total amount of 2.5 billion Algerian dinars. As for the year 2022, 3196 projects were registered for an amount exceeding 3.8 billion Algerian dinars.