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Cooperation with Finance Ministry to consolidate financial inclusion

As part of the integrated approach adopted by the government in its action plan, aiming at consolidating the financial inclusion and reducing cash trading, as well as the absorption of the recorded money supply in the informal sector with respect to safety, trustworthiness and flexibility requirements by encouraging the widespread use of e-payment means in current transactions among economic agents, an agreement had been signed in December 2021 about launching the interoperability in the field of e-payment service online, between Algerie Poste corporation, Satim (a company for Automation of Interbank Transactions and Money) and the Automatic Money Group.

This agreement serves for completing the process of e-payment tools widespread which witnessed a strong impetus early 2020, with the coming into force of interoperability agreement on January 5th, 2020 between the aforementioned parties, which enables Edhababia card and bank card holders to benefit, via the postal and banking network cash platforms, from cash services in ATMs and banking agencies nationwide in an integrated way with respect of the necessary safety and efficiency standards, in addition to the possible use of EPTs in commercial transactions.

In the same realm, in the International Conference Cenere (CIC), a framework agreement has been signed on June 26th, 2023, between Algerie Poste corporation and the company for Automation of Interbank Transactions and Money, in order to reinforce partnership and develop financial and monetary services digitization. Thus, Algerie Poste will be responsible for producing banking cards specific to public banks thanks to the national center of cards personalization of the corporation.

To that end, the Ministers of Finance, of Post and Telecommunications and of Trade and Imports Promotion had supervised, on Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 in the National High School of Mathematics, Sidi Abdellah, Algiers, the launch of the project of “e-payment pilot city” with the joint imitative of the Professional Banks Community and  the Company for Automation of Interbank Transactions and Money.

This operation is included within the multi-sectoral coordination aiming at the widespread use of e-payment and urging citizens to adopt this modern tool in economic transactions. It is also meant to test the e-payment widespread use in a specific space while assessing this system’s performance, then widespread it on a larger scale.