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FAQ Postal Financial Service

You should go to any post office near your home to submit your request file.

Natural person:The applicant shall fill in and date CH1 « Request for opening a postal current account for natural person », sign CH25 « Signature specimen » in duplicate and provide an administrative file.

Legal person: The applicant shall fill in CH2 « Request for opening a postal current account for legal person », sign it and put the company’s stamp on CH25 « Signature specimen » in duplicate and provide an administrative file.


The required documents consist in:

  • CH1 to be downloaded from Algérie Poste website or found at the post office,
  • Residence certificate or a presence certificate in constituted bodies,
  • For residing foreigners, a residence card regularly issued by the competent authorities,
  • CH25 signature specimen.

The applicant shall go the post office near his home with a file comprising:
Natural person:

  • CH1 application «Request for opening a postal current account for natural person » downloadable via Algérie Poste website or available at the post office,
  • CH6-1 Ter
  • CH25 and CH25 BIS « Signature specimen » to be signed by the account holder and the desired representatives,
  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card (national card, driving license, passport),
  • Copy of the ID cards of each representative,
  • Residence certificate or certificate of presence in consituted bodies of the applicant,
  • Work certificate,
  • Declaration on honour in case of non-activity, to be made at the post office.
  • Residence card for foreign residents.

Legal person:

  • CH2 available at the post office,
  • CH25 signing specimen,
  • Administrative file.

To make the desired representative sign in CH25 at the appropriate place during the opening process of a postal current account.

At submission of the file, the customer will be given a receipt comprising the granted number of the postal account and then the account is activated at regional financial centers (CFR) (for the second validation).

15 days
Do not exclude delivery time.

  • Missing documents
  • Account title difference (copy of ID card) – CH1 application
  • Non-conforming signature on CH1 and CH25
  • Non-conforming address: residence and CH1
  • Difference in signatures or represenatives registration on CH1, Ch25 and seizure
  • Customer having a postal account in unregulated debit situation, in seizure – stop or opposition
  • A cheque book is granted to the customer for free when opening a CCP account and is payable on request
  • The order is made upon the intercalated request in the cheque book or on a free paper
  • The order shall be submitted at any post office, regional financial center or via Algerie Poste website

The cheque book is issued when:

  • Your name is not included within the list of prohibited for cheque books

This case applies to public accountants or legal persons who are entitled to have from 1 to 9 books.

The holder shall go to the suitable post office or the Regional Financial Center (CFR) to submit his request on free paper or on CH4 application with the judgment:

  • The ID card;
  • A crossed cheque;
  • Wedding certificate when the desired modification is about the name and surname or civil status.

To go to the post office of the Regional Financial Center to submit the request on free paper or on CH4 with a birth certificate and the ID card.

To go to the post office.
To submit a written application or fill in CH4 application, and to put the new signature on the signature specimen CH25.
After this procedure, the post office is in charge of transmitting CH25/Ch4 to the National Postal Cheques Center (CNCP) or to the Regional Financial Center (CFR) to scan the signature.

To submit the request of address modification with a residence certificate and ID card to post office of the new address.

To submit to the post office, the CNCP or CFR, the blocking request of the account by showing the ID card.

This procedure is valid in case of:

  • The cheque form or book is lost;
  • EDAHABIA card or the PIC code are lost.

When the CCP account holder is dead, his heirs can submit a blocking request prior to closure request.

  • Issuance of cheques with insufficient funds;
  • Data entry error ;
  • Incorrect credit;
  • Stop payment on account;
  • Other reasons.

To submit an unblocking request duly signed in accordance with the signature specimen, with a copy of the ID card.
There will possibly be a waiver if your account has been blocked by a body. This file is to be transmitted to the CNCP.

A request must be submitted to unblock the account with the first same signature on CH25, attached with a copy of the ID card.
If your current account is in opposition by an institution, the file is sent to the National Postal Cheques Center.

Provide a list of accounts and reasons of waiver

The waiver is issued by:

  • The bailiff;
  • The National Retirement Fund;
  • The National non-employees Fund;
  • The bank;
  • A request from the tax authorities.

The original copy of waiver shall be submitted or transmitted to the National Center of Postal Cheques for unblocking the account.

You should make a request for RIP key at the post office.

The RIP key is provided for free when the postal current account is opened at the post office counter.

  • To give the bearer cheque, signed and worded with the amount to be paid to the bearer’s name, to the post office counter which implements the procedure in accordance with the regulations;
  • Maximum amount to pay is 5000 ;
  • The bearer cheque is valid for a duration of three months.
  • To that end, you should provide:
    •  Family record book;
    •  A copy of the ID card.
  • Maximum amount to be cashed is 30.000,00;
  • To suggest to the spouse to sign CH25 application of signature specimen in his capacity of representative (male, female).

The notorial and consular procedures are valid for CCP withdrawal.

To go to the post office with:

  • A cheque signed and worded with the amount to be paid to the proxy
  • A copy of the ID card.

The amount to be withdrawn by the proxy is DZD 200,000.00

Cash withdrawal can be conducted at the post office, in ATMs of Algérie Poste or those of banks.

  • You shall go to the post office with a cheque then;
  • Submit your request for a certified cheque from the head of the post office;
  • Give the cheque for PAV payment;
  • Notify to the recipient the beneficiary party for registration on the certified cheque to be received;
  • The amount is blocked until the beneficiary party shows the certified cheque;
  • The validation period of a certified cheque is 3 years (Aligning with banks).

The file of CCP account closure must be submitted to any post office and comprise the following documents:

  • A request of CCP account closure dated and signed, with the mention of the address and phone number of the applicant;
  • A copy of the ID card of the applicant;
  • A death certificate;
  • A crossed cheque of the dead account holder, otherwise, mention the number of the CCP account of the dead person on the closure request;
  • A copy of FREDHA (if possible).

The electronic money order is issued from a post office connected to a computer network and paid in another post office to the beneficiary instantly.

Two types of money orders:

  • Cash-cash money order
  • account-cash money order

The amount of these orders is limited, except for electronic money orders addressed to the Poste Restante or in public places (hotels, cafés, etc.)

The customer can issue an electronic money order under national scheme in any post office.

To that end, he shall fill in the unique application form « SFP1 » available at the post office.
This application form is made up of two distinct parts:

1- The title (yellow part);
2- The coupon (while part): When issuing an electronic money order, the coupon is given to the sender and to the recipient of payment as a payment receipt.

At the payment of the electronic money order, the beneficiary party must:

  • Receive an arrival notice
  • Go to the post office with his valid ID card
  • Receive the order’s amount
  • Receive the payment receipt

The order’s amounts are limited to DZD 200,000.00

The opening of a saving account CNEP can be conducted at any post office.

For this, it is necessary to:

  • Provide a copy of the valid ID card;
  • Provide a residence certificate;
  • Fill in these documents:
    • Application n°1 for an adult holder
    • Application n°1 BIS for a minor holder
    • Application n°3 for the company
    • Application form 1 Ter to open a local account
    • Possible, application n°15 for the power of attorney

Types de books:

  • Housing saving book (LEL) (green colour).
  • Popular saving book (LEP) (red colour).

The holder of saving account CNEP can join E-Cnep service for these transactions:

  • Modification of the PIN code
  • Checking the CNEP account balance
  • Checking the account’s statement and profits.

The members must have a PIN code allowing to have access to CNEP accounts online. The code is required at the post office in which the CNEP account is domiciled.