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FAQ Other postal services

The recharge can be done at any counter of post offices.

Mobilis MASTER recharge: Only for points of sales (POS).

  • Payment of GSM phone bills for ATM Mobilis;
  • Payment of phone bills for Algérie Télécom;
  • Payment of water bills. ADE corporation (other province), SEAAL corporation (ALGIERS and….), SEOR corporation (ORAN province and….);
  • Payment of bills for SONELGAZ;
  • Payment of BN Paribas bank royalties;
  • Payment of registration fees for the ONEFD account;
  • Payment for shipments via EMS;
  • Payment of phone bills for Algérie Télécom and Internet recharge (ADSL/ 4 GLTE) via the Web-Service application (only in Constantine province for being in a pilot phase).

Western Union service consists in paying a fast money transfer in Algerian Dinar from abroad for the beneficiary who comes to the post office to that end.

To do so, the beneficiary must:

  • Serve, date and sign the Western Union printout which is available with a mandatory reference to the money transfer control number given by the sender.
  • Fill in the personal information and the expected amount of the money transfer.
  • Introduce a valid identity document. The maximum amount allowed for payment is Five Hundred Thousand Algerian Dinars (DZD500,000).
  • Car stickers (sales period, categories and values)
  • Tax stamps and fine stamps
  • Stamp purchase (retail and wholesale)
  • MAGHREB pages
  • Philatelic catalogue covers

At the main postal receipts.

  • By going to your local main recipt;
  • By filling the subscription form;
  • By making monthly payment;
  • The first-day issue stamp will be sent to you by registered mail.
  • Payment of Mobilis ATM GSM telephone invoices;
  • Payment of Algeria Telecom telephone invoices;
  • Water bill payment: ADE, SEAAL, SEOR;
  • Payment of SONELGAZ bills;
  • Payment of BNP Paribas royalties;
  • Payment of ONEFD registration fees;
  • Payment of EMS shipment as well as of university registration fee ;
  • Payment for TLS contact (visa appointment);
  • AFS payment.