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FAQ mobile telephony and internet Ooredoo

Take control with the new application « My Ooredoo »

My Ooredoo is a mobile application to follow your consumption, to check your bills, subscribe to a service, buy a package and top up anytime.

My Ooredoo enriches permanently its range of services which you can find out in services section.

Only Dima Ooredoo, La Gold and La Gold Jdida offers are elligible for the time being.

My Ooredoo is available to download on Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery and Apple App Store,for free.

To create My Ooredoo account (registration), you need to provide an active MSISDN, a valid email and a password meeting safety criteria.

Once such information is provided, you should accept the general conditions of use to confirm your registration.

Once My Ooredoo account is created, you can easily accede to the application by using the rapid access option by sending OPT (One-Time Password) code.

This will enable you to be connected safely and to benefit fully from the functionalities of this application.

No, you can benefit fully from the functionalities of the application without Internet connection, only the mobile data activation is required.

At last available on My ooredoo application, the call history service will enable to have access, not only to calls history with the filter option as a bonus for an enhanced visibility, but also sent SMS history, one’s purchases or even top-ups.

15 last days.

Heceforth, all customers with non elligible offers for My Ooredoo application will be able to accede to the migration service, and those with a pay-as-you-go offer can migrate instantly for free to Dima Ooredoo offer to benefit from the application.

Internet X2 packages with double internet volume are montly packages like 500 Fayda, 1000 and 1500 available exclusively on My Ooredoo application.

Internet X2 packages are meant only to customers with access to My Ooredoo application (Dima Ooredoo, la Gold, and la Gold Jdida).

You can benefit from internet x2 on the 1000 package by buying it either with credit top-up or with your CIB card or EDAHABIA card.

The customer can be assisted by calling 333 or going to the nearest point of sales.

Three contents are available on My Ooredoo:

– Free content

– An Exclusive-Classical content at DZD50 for 24H per Film/Series

– Exclusive-Premium content at DZD200 for 24H per Film

ANAFLIX is a video platform on demand with a rich and exclusive range of films, series, cult sketches and short films allowing you to explore the Algerian and international cinema without limits.

All pay-as-you-go customers using a terminal with Os Android.

The validity of the bought content is of 24H as of the date and hour of purchase.

You can download « ANAFLIX » application for free from Google Play and then from App Store.

Only one session per MSISDN is possible

Connection and navigation via Ooredoo network within the application is subject to current data pricing.

BlueMind is a messaging solution (Mailing) which is collaborative & hosting exclusively offered by Issal Algérie in partnership with Ooredoo.

The customer can have access to his email on various Hardwares : laptops, smartphones, tablets, PC and servers wherever he is.

No need for managing mailing servers, no more worries about attack or data loss.


Possible establishment and management of many task lists and autonomous visualization or in the calendar

Mobile access

Mailing and collaboration tools in web mode accessible everywhere via all devices.


Directory, multi address books, auto-completion of contacts and lists, shared address book, groups and auto-completion distribution list.

Safe solution

Your email inbox is protected against viruses and spams, and you will be in the hands of a team meeting your expectations.


Your activity continuity is our top priority ! Add extra email addresses and enhance storage space according to your needs.

Sovereignty of data

Platform hosted in Algeria.

Companies who are Ooredoo clients and those who are not.

Subscription will be conducted via POS Corpo fund.

Acquisition  in the service occurs VIA these sale canals EO&CSO and commercial ones too.

The documents to be submitted are:

ID of the account manager

A copy of trade register.

A copy of tax card

Subscription contrat signed and sealed,  with a 12-month commitment.

The customer should buy 5 licenses at least.

For Non Ooredoo customers, the customer account creation must be done at BOA, within the 48 hours following the subscription to the service.

The customer will have to choose between 4 options.

For monthly subscription, the customer must pay 3 months ahead.

At the acquisition of service, a storage volume is granted based on the number of activated licenses :

From 5 to 40 sessions  ==>  100 GB offered/ Month.

From 41 to 99 sessions  ==>  150 GB offered/ Month.

100 licenses and beyond ==>  200 GB offered/ Month.

In case a customer has acquired an additional license and goes for a higher range, the storage volume granted will follow accordingly.

Ooredoo customer can choose any of the four billing cycles available : 1, 8, 15, 22 each month

In case he does not pay his bill, the access to bluemind solution will be temporarily blocked.

As soon as he pays it, the access will be established again.

For an already existing Ooredoo customer,  the dunning for his companies offers remains unchanged and independent of Bluemind service.

The customer can increase the storage capacity from 100 to 440GB, and should pay the pertaining fees

via POS.

Customers can choose a domain name provided that it is available.

The commercial/CV shall ensure about the availability of the domain name via the following link :

The number of sessions is related to that of activated mails, on the mailing server .
Customers with a domain already acquired from another provider can subscribe to bluemind mailing by using the same domain.

Name of domain DZ is free.

The activation can take up to 15 days, depending on domain validation.

Necessary documents :

– A signed registration request.

– A document to justify the choice of the domain name, i.e. a copy of trade register or a copy of trademark registration by INAPI (for national names registration) or OMPI (for international names registration), or a copy of the official creation decree (association, organization, state body, …)

 Price DZD5959 inclusive of tax

The activation of service takes place on the same day of subsription.

Necessary documents :

Only the file provided at subscription.

Wouldn’t you like to pay too much for a vulnerable mailing service ?

Would you like a mailing solution which is intuitive and easy to manage ?

Would you like to benefit from a professional mailing with a monthly payment ?

Are you a small and medium-sized company or a Startup in search for a professional and aforedable mailing ?

Would you like to enhance your company’s image with a personalized domain name for your mail ?

Would you like to bundle your services (voice, data, email) with one provider?

BlueMind is the solution which meets your needs at best.

It a new offer proposing two types of montly rates : DZD2000 and DZD 4000 , offering unlimited calls toward all networks, from internet reaching 200 Go, calls to international networks, 100 SMS to all networks, as well as « Maps »positionning and « LinkedIn » service.
For DZD2000 per month, you can benefit from free calls to all networks, 60 Go Internet, free SMS to Ooredoo + 100 SMS offered to the other networks, in addition to « Maps »positionning and  LinkedIn » service.

For DZD 4000  per month,  you can benefit from free calls toward all networks, 50 minutes to international networks, 200 Go Internet, free SMS to Ooredoo + 100 SMS offered to the other networks, in addition to « Maps »positionning and  LinkedIn » service.

The validity is 30 days based on the pricing cycle.

Free services are granted during the contractual duration.

By providing a corporate file comprising:

  • A copy of the trade register or agreement or professional card or equivalent,
  • A copy of the tax card,
  • A copy of the ID of the account manager,
  • Dima Pro is available at Ooredoo spaces, City Shop Ooredoo, Service Ooredoo space, Shop in Shop, AAO or by contacting a commercial.

The Dima Pro offer is available at Espaces Ooredoo, City Shop Ooredoo, Espace Service Ooredoo, Shop in Shop, AAO or by contacting a sales representative.

As from 12 months.

Indeed, you can benefit from this offer as you activate it.

On 20/11/2023

Yes, provided that you have credit on your top-up credit and the SMS price is DZD3 inclusive of tax.

Yes, you can. You should only settle the amount of the current bill.

Yes, you can. It is by paying the difference between the two packages of the remaining commitment period.

Dima Ooredoo is a new pay-as-you-go offer without a commitment with many advantages in terms of internet bonus, calls and rich digital applications, enabling you to have full control of your offer.

Dima Ooredoo is available nationwide.

Dima 500 Hadra is the only one available in 24 provinces :  Khenchela, Souk Ahras, Ouargla, El-Tarf, Tebessa, Bechar, Laghouat, El-Oued, Guelma, Batna, M’sila, Oum El Bouaghi, Illizi, El Bayadh, Djelfa, Sidi Bel Abbes, Adrar, Tamanrasset, Ghardaia, Annaba, Biskra, Tindouf, Jijel, Mascara.

Dima Ooredoo is priced :

DZD200 with an initial credit of DZD200

DZD 500 with Dima package 500 Hadra included

DZD 1200 with Dima package 1200 included

DZD 1500 with Dima package 1500 included

DZD 2000 with Dima package 2000 included

DZD 3500 with Dima package 3500 included

It is about an extra rate enabling to shift anytime from Dima package 1200 to Dima 1500. It also enables to shift from Dima 1500 to Dima 2000, by offring the difference in internet volume, of minutes and SMS.

It is particularly useful when the conversion is no longer possible (because the 24-hour period after the rate purchase is finished and/or you have consumed a part of your package).

To do so , you need to dial *500# and choose 10, and follow the indications.

To buy the Boost , you must have a minimum credit of DZD300 for BOOST 300 and DZD500 for boost 500 on top up account.

It allows you to take control of your offer:

Buy your monthly Dima packages

Renew automatically the monthly package as needed.

Change your automatic renewal mode.

Change your package for another which interests you most.

Convert your Dima package to top-up credit.

A 100%  Algerian application, developped by Algerian people for their own population, with the latest titles of Algerian and planetary artists.  An Ooredoo exclusivity ! Around 3 Million songs (Local, eastern and western), listen offline, creation of playlists  and much more!

All the music of the world is available and accessible everywhere and anytime.

ANAFLIX is a video platform on exclusive demand for Ooredoo which allows to discover or explore again the Algerian classical cinema. The application contains a rich and exclusive range of films, series and short films enabling you to explore the Algerian cinema.

Dima Ooredoo is no longer a claissical offer. Beside the exceptional benefits to customers, it will make the customer go through a new experience.

This new experience consists in giving full control to the customer’s offer : Kheyyer (choose) ! Djedded (renew) ! Beddel (change)!

Kheyyer : the customer will be free to choose the package that suits him.

Djedded : if the customer wants it, his package can be renewed automatically when it expires provided there is enough credit.

Beddel : the customer can convert his package into top-up credit or another Dima package (within 24 hours, provided his package is not consumed).

Dima + 2000 is a monthly subscription without commitment offering unlimited calls towards all national networks, 60GB of internet, a subscription to ANAZIK and ANAFLIX offers (only access to applications), free Facebook after the internet package has finished,  as well as 250 SMS towards national networks, all offers are valid until the end of billing cycle.

You only have to head for Ooredoo space, Ooredoo service space, City shop Ooredoo or the nearest  authorized  Ooredoo point of sales, with a copy of your ID card.

Only the biometric ID is required to get  Dima + 2000 SIM card.

The activation fees are DZD0. You only have to pay your first monthly amount of DZD 2000.

No, the monthly subscription is not subject to any commitment.

On the first day, the 8th, 15th or 22nd. It is about the billing cycle before your subscription date.

Before topping up DZD2000 before your billing cycle at Ooredoo spaces, Ooredoo services spaces, City shop Ooredoo or the nearest point of sales.

International calls are possible from your recharge account.

Your subscription to Dima + 2000 offer you a monthly subscription (based on your billing cycle) to ANAZIK and ANAFLIX applications. The consumed contents will be debited from internet package of your  Dima + 2000.

YOOZ is the first digital offer in Algeria. It is pay-as-you-go and a dediccated application. You can charge your packages according to your needs and budget, and also benefit from a large range of offers created especially for you.

YOOZ is available throughout the national territory in the sales networks of  Ooredoo (EO, CSO, AAO and ESO).

It is available in all stores like Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and  Apple App Store.

YOOZ is priced:

DZD300 with an initial credit of DZD100.

DZD 500 with YOOZ 500 package included.

DZD 1500 with YOOZ 1500 package included.

On YOOZ you have access to multiple services such as Stormili, Sabbaqli, ANAZIK, ANAFLIX and keep connected to explore the service that enables you to benefit from the best offers in sport, catering, leisure and much more!



You have access to these services by clicking on services via the side menu or  on the main view selection on the YOOZ app.

You can refer to 5 friends only by clicking on the sponsorship section on your side menu on YOOZ app.

You can invite your friend to go through a YOOZ experience by downloading the app and buying a SIM card, to  benefit from 1GB valid for 7 days for each.

The offer of YOOZ 300 is a free-choice range offering you a DZD100 credit.

The YOOZ 500 offer, you must have a SIM card and a monthly package of YOOZ 500 included in which you have 5 GB of internet + 2GB bonus + 50 Minutes of calls to all national networks and 50 SMS to Ooredoo.

The offer of YOOZ 1500 grants you a SIM card and a monthly package YOOZ 1500, i.e. 30 GB of Internet + Facebook & Messenger + unlimited calls and texts to Ooredoo plus 150 minutes of calls to other national networks.

YOOZ offers you packages dedicated to Anazik and Anaflix at very attractive prices:

ANAZIK: DZD250 = 30 days of access to ANAZIK plus 750 MB dedicated to the service

ANAFLIX: DZD300 = 30 days of access to ANAFLIX plus 1 GB dedicated to the service

ANAZIK + ANAFLIX DZD450 = 30 days of access to both services plus 1.5 GB dedicated to both services

You can send SMS when you buy a package (daily, fortnightly or monthly) and benefit from 50 SMS to all networks when you get the monthly SMS super package to all networks.

100MB + unlimited Facebook & Messenger valid for 24 hours.


YOOZ by Ooredoo is the first 100% digital offer on the Algerian market giving you total control over your mobile offering and unprecedented flexibility.

Choice of Number: For the first time in Algeria, the customer can customize his mobile offer through an application and this ranging from the choice of phone number to the benefits of packages.

An offer for all budgets and needs : You only have to customise your package endlessly on the application according to your needs and budget, thanks to the various validity offers (daily, fortnightly and monthly) at exceptional prices (from DZD30 to DZD1500). The super offer (Extras) grants unlimited access to the social networks.

Share and win: Share the YOOZ experience with 5 of your friends and win up to 5 GB while making them win 1 GB each.

VOD & MOD: Enjoy music and video streaming thanks to the exclusive Anazik and Anaflix packages.

Balance consultation: Take advantage of a clear dashboard giving you real-time visibility of your credit, call and internet usage.

It is a pay-as-you-go offer with many advantages, with a single price to all networks (DZD4.99/30 sec) and free Facebook as well as top-ups offering unlimited internet, credit and calls.

This is about connecting to Facebook for free even without credit.

You can comment, share and see what is going on whether on your friends’ pages or those of other people all for free.

It is DZD1500 with a top-up GOLD 1000, DZD 2000 , also with GOLD 1500 or DZD2500 with GOLD 2000 top-up.

The call on GOLD is charged at DZD4.99/30sec.

GOLD offers free access to facebook. The client can follow and be in touch with his friends for free, comment, share and even consult any page.

Access to Facebook is free and the call is charged at DZD4.99/30sec.

It offers many advantages in terms of data, unlimited calls to Ooredoo and a credit is proposed when you top-up DZD1000, DZD1500 or DZD2000 in one operation.

The offered credit at the aforementioned prices enables GOLD clients to communicate freely to all national networks.

As for international networks, it is persmissible only at the recharge account.

Target of international package :

It is about packages for international calls available for several countries like France, Canada, China, Turkey, Italy, Germany, among others.

To access the countries, click on the link:

Packages will be available to all Ooredoo 2G, 3G and 4G customers, both residential and business nationwide without any seniority or other conditions.



The service is available on :

*310#: Follow the instructions and choose the appropriate package.

*151#: via a link which direct you to *310#.

Allocated minutes are not valid to satellite and special numbers.

Click on the link to choose the offer and the Country:

Connection to the foreign network is automatic. If you have problems with the automatic selection of the foreign network, you should then connect manually:

All you need to do is to follow the instructions and choose the available networks.

Click on this link:

You should buy top-up cards before going on your trip, and top up your account by dialling * 222* free of charge, top-up code followed by # then validate or make a Storm.