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Bilateral cooperation

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications ensures the implementation of the Government’s action plan and promotes partnership and foreign investment in the fields of post and telecommunications, in coordination with relevant institutions and other stakeholders, through participation in joint committees and high commissions, the conclusion of a large number of Memorandums of Understanding and Agreements and ensuring the follow-up of their execution.

As such, our ministerial department contributes, within the framework of cooperation, to the bilateral consultations conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Community abroad, in particular with Russia, China, Romania, Hungary, Cuba, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, the United States of America, Italy, Tanzania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Vietnam, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt, the Sultanate of Oman and Tunisia.

The agreements reached aim to modernize telecommunications infrastructure, expand connectivity and promote technological innovation. For some, they encourage international collaboration in research and technological development by allowing companies to partner with foreign partners to innovate and develop new technologies.

They also offer the exchange of experience for access to emerging technologies, the appropriation of new technologies, opportunities to strengthen national capacities and better integration into the global digital economy

The cooperation agreements entered by our sector also encourage the transfer of technology and know-how. They include provisions related to the protection of intellectual property and incentives for foreign companies to share their technological skills with national partners.

Among these texts, there are those that have illustrated their success in the operational section of the sector, where the cooperation between our economic operators with foreign companies has made it possible to introduce advanced communication technologies, expand network coverage, and to offer innovative services to Algerians. As a result, these achievements have promoted the growth of the sector and improved the accessibility of communication services.

A number of Memoranda of Understanding, Agreements and Conventions in the field of post and telecommunications have been signed between Algeria and its global partners. Another number is, currently, being analyzed, reviewed or launched.

It should also be mentioned that the establishment of these legal instruments of cooperation is preceded by the optimal identification of needs and targeting of priorities regarding the provision of technical assistance, transfer of know-how and technological transfer, the foreign partner; The main objective being to support and develop the technological capacities as well as the productive capacities of our stakeholders.

In a second step, consultations are held with these entities considered as stakeholders in charge of the implementation of targeted cooperation programs and the identification of appropriate foreign partners in their execution.

The institutional legal instruments concluded are as follows:

–  Algerian-Egyptian Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Post and ICT. Signed in Cairo on June20, 2023, in the process of ratification by the Head of State

  • The text aims in particular at exchanging experiences and knowledge in order to improve access to the Internet for individuals and public and private institutions at reasonable prices and to improve the efficiency of broadband in a way that helps both sides to attract investment positively and increase their contribution.

– Algerian-Nigerian Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Post and ICT Signed in Niamey, on March 16, 2017, and entered into force on January 24, 2018 by Presidential Decree No. 18-47

  • • The text aims in particular to promote investment in the field of telecommunications through:
    • Encouraging visits by businessmen active in the field of ICT and exchanges of technical and managerial staff;
    • The manufacture of cables, fibers, and accessories for the telephone industry.

–  Algerian-Hungarian Cooperation Agreement in the field of ICT signed in Algiers, December 5, 2017, and entered into force on October 15, 2018 by Presidential Decree No. 18-260

  • The text aims in particular at the Facilitation of investments in joint ventures and the implementation of programs, symposia, seminars, conferences and exhibitions as required.

–  Algerian-Mauritanian Cooperation Agreement, in the field of Post and ICT, signed in Algiers, on December 20, 2016, and entered into force on September 15, 2020 by Presidential Decree No. 20-260

  • The text aims in particular to:
    • Support for mutual investments, economic cooperation and joint projects that support and develop the postal services and information and communications technology sectors in both countries;
    • Encouraging operators in the field of information and communication technologies to set up partnership projects in order to strengthen commercial exchanges and facilitate access to the local market and the transfer of knowledge after the development and approval of economic studies taking into account the laws and regulations in force in both countries.

–  Algerian-Malian memorandum of understanding in the field of post and ICT, signed in Algiers on February 13, 2017

  • It aims in particular to support mutual investments in the field of telecommunications in both countries.

– Algerian-Congolese Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Post and ICT signed in Algiers on March 28, 2017

  • Among other things, it promotes investment in telecommunications in both countries.

In addition, our department is taking sustained actions to accelerate the finalization of fifteen (15) legal instruments, submitted by Algeria and the partner countries, currently under negotiation.

Finally, actions are being undertaken with Hungary, Egypt and China to accelerate the procedure for instituting and installing committees for monitoring and implementing the legal instruments signed.