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Algeria participates in the world radiocommunications conference

From November 20 to December 15, 2023, Algeria participated in the International Telecommunication Union’s World Radiocommunications Conference

Algeria participated, from November 20 to December 15, 2023, in the World Radiocommunications Conference of the International Telecommunication Union’s, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, represented by a delegation headed by Mr. Abdelouahab BARA, The Secretary General of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, with the participation of representatives of the ministerial sectors members of the Interministerial Commission in charge of defending the interest of our country in radiocommunications.

The Conference’s work, which recorded the participation of over 4.000 participants from 190 Member States in this United Nations organ, discussed number of important issues in the field of radiocommunications, particularly those related to the technical and regulatory procedures for mobile and satellite technologies as well as files related to air and maritime transport.

In addition to the work of the Conference and responding to the invitation of the President of the African Telecommunication Union, The Secretary General of the Ministry participated in the ceremony held on the occasion for the recovery of African satellite resources and the improvement of the “FM frequency” channels in Africa. It is worth noting that Algeria played a major role in the completion of this operation.

It should be noted that this ceremony saw the presence of important personalities in the field of telecommunications, including the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Director of the Bureau of Radiocommunications of the ITU.

It should be recalled that the World Radiocommunications Conference is held every three or four years, with the aim of reviewing and revising radio regulations, where necessary, which are the international treaty governing the use of radio frequency spectrum, stable satellite orbits and unstable satellites for Earth. The World Radiocommunications Conference is also one of the most important international forums organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), with the participation of experts, government officials and spectrum management stakeholders. It is the compass geared to the development and support of radio communications and the mobile and satellite industry.