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International cooperation and exchanges

Objective: Defend Algeria’s positions at international level, in the postal and telecommunications/ICT fields, and work to improve the related indicators and ensure their dissemination, in particular through:

  • Active participation at the level of regional and international institutions in charge of post and telecommunications/ICT (ITU, UPU, UAT, UPAP, etc.);
  • Coordination of international action in the sector at the level of regional and global multilateral bodies;
  • Encouraging applications from Algerian executives to multilateral bodies;
  • Contribution to the development and monitoring of the implementation of international development agendas (WTO, AfCFTA, SDG, H-2063, Agenda 2063, etc.);§  Encouraging bilateral exchanges as well as twinning projects;
  • Intelligence, with reliable data, questionnaires from international organizations (ITU, UAT, UPU, UNCTAD, etc.);
  • Monitoring of rankings by international organizations of postal and telecommunications activities and contribution to improving the ranking and position of Algeria.