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In Terms of The Information Society

Objective: Build and develop the Algerian information society and establish a favorable environment of trust. To achieve this objective, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications works to develop and ensure the implementation of policies capable of promoting the following actions:

1. Promote the development of online content and services, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

This axis consists, essentially, of making the necessary Internet resources available, through:

  • The expansion and improvement of Internet addressing;
  • The reorganization of the(.dz)  Internet domain;
  • The development of a national policy for assigning object identifiers (OID: Object Identifier);
  • The establishment of the normative framework linked to the information society;
  • Ensure the interoperability of the Sector’s information systems.
2. Cybersecurity, resilience and an environment of trust

In order to ensure the cybersecurity and resilience of the State’s telecommunications infrastructures considered strategic and critical, on the one hand, and to participate in the advent of an environment of trust conducive to use of ICT and related products, on the other hand, the following actions will be carried out:

  • The creation of a sectoral center for monitoring, alerting and responding to computer incidents (CERT: Computer Emergency Response Team), as part of cooperation with the Republic of South Korea;
  • Implementation of the National Information Security Framework within establishments and organizations in the Sector;
  • The organization of cyber crisis management exercises to assess the level of alert and ability to respond to possible IT incidents;
  • The development of a risk map linked to the Sector’s information systems in order to assess the business impact of IT incidents and define the security measures to be taken;
  • Completing the process of establishing the national electronic certification scheme, and promoting electronic signature and certification services already operational.