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FAQ mobile telephony and internet mobilis

Your Pin code serves to:

–  Have access to customer’s web space on meetmob and/or mobile on MobiSpace application,

–  Have access to and use Sellekni/Sellekni+ service,

–  Have access to and use Sellekni Plan/Net service,

To consult your PUK code or your remaining free minutes, you should dial 888 or 666 and follow the indications, without going to a commercial agency.

There are many ways to get it:

1- You can receive it by SMS as soon as your line is activated.

2- You can request it at any commercial agency.

3- You can request it by calling the call center on 888/666.

4- You can reset it on meetmob portal by clicking « Reset password » and follow the indications.

Notice: The PIN Code is strictly personal, Mobilis is not responsible for its use by a third person. To that end, Mobilis recommends you to personalise it.

There are many ways to retrieve it:

1- You can request its reset at our commercial agencies,

2- You can request its reset by calling the call center on 888/666,

3- You can reset it on meetmob portal by clicking « Reset password » and follow the indications.

Notice: The PIN Code is strictly personal, Mobilis is not responsible for its use by a third person. To that end, Mobilis recommends you to personalise it.


The payment is conducted in Mobilis areas via Arsselli at the points of sales in post offices or via CIB card through many canals : WIMPAY, E-rselli, baridimob , Arselli via GAB; you can consult the details of each payment canal on our website, Top-up section.

Your monthly package will be automatically injected on the first day of each month.

Yes, you can top up anytime via the various recharge canals.

Yes, it is possible to transfer credit from a postpaid line to a pay-as-you-go line, or from a a pay-as-you-go line to another pay-as-you-go line through the services below:

1- Sellekni/Sellekni +

2- Sellekni Plan/Net

If you are a postpaid customer, you only need to go to any of Mobilis agencies and request a free service activation.

If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, you should contact client service to make sure roaming service is activated on your line.

Mobilis has Roaming agreements with many countries and various operators, you can check their list on /Roaming section, or contact client service on 666/888 for the large public, and 999 for companies via MOBILIS line and 0660 600 666/888/999 via landline or any mobile network. 999 for companies via mobile phone and 660 600 666/888/999 via landline. Dial long number +213 660 600 666/888/999 if you are abroad.

For any information about packages, go to website , or call client service on 666/888 or head for any Mobilis agency.

The person who calls you is not supposed to know that you are on roaming. Thus, his call is charged exactly as any local call. Therefore, you will be charged for any Mobilis call toward a foreign network wherever you are.

Prior to making any phone call towards Algeria from a foreign country, you should dial the exit code. The latter enables to inform your phone operator about your wish to call a number in another country. You should press for some seconds on the figure 0 to dial the sign +(exit code). Then, enter the international code of your correspondent’s country, i.e. 213 for Algeria, type the number of your correspondent without the figure 0.

In the example we have chosen, you should type the following number : +213 6 XX XX XX or 00 213 6 XX XX XX.

Check your credit from abroad by dialling *222# for free.

There are many ways for that :

1- Via top-up card: You would better buy your top-up cards before going on a trip and refill your credit by dialling *111* for free, the top-up code followed with # then validate.

2- Via Arsselli service: A third party can send you credit from Algeria via Arsselli at Mobilis points of sale or agencies.

3- Via the online payment/recharge service:

  • via E-rselli service.
  • via “Baridimob” application, if you are a holder of Edhahabia card.
  • via “Wimpay” application, if you have a CIB card from the National Bank of Algeria (BNA).

Connection to the foreign network is automatic. If you have problems with the automatic selection of the foreign network, we recommend that you connect manually via :

If you are a Postpaid customer, simply go to one of our Mobilis agencies and ask for free activation of the service.

If you are a Prepaid customer, you must contact customer service to ensure that the Data Roaming service is activated on your line.

Men3andi service allows you to pay the cost of calls received from people of your choice.

To use Men3andi service, simply enter *618# and create a list of numbers that you will cover when they call you. This list can contain up to 10 Mobilis numbers.

The numbers you can register at your list Men3andi service must only be pay-as-you-go Mobilis numbers.

The composition and management of your list are free of charge. The call rate is DZD4/30 sec.

To subscribe to Mobilis Naghmati service, you should send INS via SMS to 680 or dial *680# or call 680 and follow the instructions.

Call package : DZD10/min.

SMS package : DZD 5.

Subscription to this service costs DZD40/month with a free ringtone.
You can change this ringtone based on a large range of ringtones from DZD90 to DZD170 inclusive of tax/2 months.

In this case, you will benefit from 60 days of operational service.

If within this duration, your account has not been recharged, this service will be deactivated.

To do so, you should only dial *680# or call 680 and follow the indications of IVR.

You should send DES via SMS to 680.

This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play (the connexion is charged on your offer’s rate)  or via: , then you can subscriber to this service via this application or send an  SMS to 4121.

Yes, yon will receive this notificaiton : Your subsription request to MobSound service has been carried out with success. It expires on day/month/year.

To that end, you should download this application from Google Play or via

then set up.

1-In case of internet connection via 3G/4G from Mobilis: your number’s identification is automatic.

2- In case of a WIFI connection: you should enter your phone number.

You will receive a PIN code via SMS on your phone, that you should enter in  the application to take advantage of its offers.

Yes, you should be connected and press ‘’ Parameters ’’ to change the language (English/French and Arabic).

No, you should be subscribed again so that you can be able to do it.