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FAQ mobile téléphony and internet DJEZZY

Are you a Djezzy Prepaid customer? You can choose the option that suits you at any time by dialing for free * 720 #

Dedicated to Djezzy Particulier customers, our call center takes care of your various queries & inquiries 7 days a week from 8h00 to 20h30 (0770 85 77 77 from a mobile or landline).

You can also dial for free * 777 #

The Info invoice 787 call service is dedicated to individual postpaid subscribers. You will obtain all the information relating to your invoices.

You can also dial for free * 787 #

Call 700 for free to top-up your account, language set-up, view your phone number or to have information on the charging system.

The 718 is a search service dedicated exclusively to Djezzy customers, thanks to which they can find information relating to the company or the field of activity sought.

Call center 718 is accessible to Djezzy customers and is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The cost of the call to 718 is billed at 30 DA / Call, the search result (the company details sought) will be sent by SMS to the customer, cost of the SMS sent is 10 DA.

If you enter a PIN incorrectly three times, your SIM card will be automatically blocked. Therefore, you will need to use your PUK code which is inside the original packaging. Please keep it in a safe & easily accessible place.

If you can no longer find your PUK code, use the Digital Server or the Vocal Server by calling 777, or follow the steps in the Information menu by dialing *777#.

The PIN2 code will allow you to:

-Obtain your PUK code if you wish to have it from another Djezzy line

– Disconnect your Djezzy line in case of theft or loss

– Reconnect your Djezzy line if you find it after a loss

To obtain it, call the voice server 777 or dial * 777 #

If you do not use our Djezzy services, your number can be kept for 90 days. Beyond this period, your number is suspended.

You can call 777 to find out if your number is still available and go to the Djezzy Store to be able to retrieve or redeem it. The new acquisition will be made under a Djezzy profile marketed at a price of 300 DA.

If you don’t make a call, top up, or send text messages for a period of three months, your line will be blocked. To make sure your Sim card stays active you need to make a call, text, or activate an offer at least once every 90 days.

You can display it using the formula *99# or by calling 700 free of charge. Your number is also visible on the home page of the Djezzy app.

Freely through *710#. Your credit is permanently displayed at the top of the Djezzy App home page

Your invoice is displayed at the top of the Djezzy App home page through the “Bill info” button in “Main Menu”.

To hide your number during a call, just dial the syntax # 31 # followed by the number of your correspondent. This service is free.

If you are a prepaid customer, please go to the “Migration” pane of the Djezzy App side menu to view the available migration profiles and perform your Djezzy migration.

If you are a postpaid customer, please call 777 and use the digital server.

– Suspend your line by going to the “Disconnect or Reconnect a line” pane of the Djezzy App side menu.

– Then make a declaration of loss or theft to the competent authorities (Police / Gendarmerie).

– Get closer to the Djezzy Store to recover a new chip with the same number lost at the price of 100 DA only.

Unreachable: Dial ** 62 * number # OK

To deactivate ## 62 # OK

– No answer: Dial ** 61 * number # OK

To deactivate ## 61 # OK

– Busy: Dial ** 67 * number # OK

To deactivate ## 67 # OK

– Unconditional: Dial ** 21 * number # OK                    To deactivate ## 21 # OK

-To another number : **21* N°  #OK                                  To deactivate: ##21* desired N° #OK

To cancel all call forwarding, dial ## 002 #

I am a Prepaid or Control customer:

The roaming service is automatically activated and works as soon as you are abroad with a fully recharged credit.

I am a Postpaid customer:

You must deposit a deposit of 30,000DA at the Djezzy Boutique.

This deposit is refundable when the service is deactivated or following termination of your line.

To make a call abroad, dial 00 or (+) & the country code, the department or city code & the correspondent’s number.

To call a local number or a mobile in a country where you are roaming, dial your call number without the code for that country.

Through E-payment, with a  simple and secure way, you can top-up your account and pay your bill using CIB / EDAHABIA  via our web site or Djezzy App.

Yes, it is possible to top up your Djezzy credit when you are in a foreign country, in different ways:

Djezzy Recharge Cards or Djezzy TPE Vouchers via the formula * 700 * 14 digits # Call Ok or receive Flexy Djezzy directly from Algeria.

First, make sure you have enough balance to text. If you cannot send and receive SMS, check the Djezzy Messaging Center Number on the SMS setting. This should be +213 700 48 571. If you see another one, enter the correct number and try again sending a new SMS. If the problem is not resolved, please call Customer Service on 777.

SPAM is an unwanted text message sent from companies to which you have not provided your number. These use sophisticated means to obtain mobile phone numbers.

The best way to avoid spam is not to share your phone number with sites that you don’t think can be trusted.

You can report these senders in different ways:

– On our website “My Space” then “Contact us” then “Report Phishing”.

– Main menu of the Djezzy App “Useful Info” then “Contact us”.

– Via our social media or by calling 777.

If you are a postpaid customer, you have the choice of changing your number to several number categories, ranging from a random number at 300DA to an easy-to-remember Platinum number at 100 000DA

To do this, you must go to the nearest Djezzy store and choose the number you need

Change fees are payable locally, except for the random category (300DA) will be reported on the next invoice.

With the Detailes Punctual Invoice from Djezzy you have access to the history of your Call, SMS and Internet consumption over a period ranging from:

– 01 to 90 days from the day of the request for prepaid customers

– The last 03 months of invoices edited for Postpaid and Control customers

It includes the date, time, duration as well as all consumptions and their costs

To make a request for detailed invoice, you can contact us via:

  1. Call Center, Website & Social Media for postpaid and control customers:

– Contact the call center 777 / 0770 85 77 77 or register the request on the website via “contact us” or our social media.

– The costs of the service will be carried over to the next invoice

The invoice will be established within 24 working hours. Once ready, an SMS notification will be sent to you to pick it up at the service center of your choice.

  1. Djezzy service centers for all customers:

– Go to the service center with an identity document, namely a national identity card or valid passport

– Pay the costs of the service on site for prepaid customers. For postpaid and control customers, the charges will be carried over to the next invoice

– Communicate the email address if you wish to receive your detailed invoice via email, if necessary go to any Djezzy service center to retrieve it

The invoice will be established within 24 working hours. Once ready, a notification SMS will be sent to you to retrieve it at the service center of your choice, or it will be sent to your previously communicated email address.

  • Pricing: 300 DA / Line

The VERSO + service allows you to send & receive all your Call or SMS communications from a second Djezzy number for rent for a fixed & renewable period. This while protecting the confidentiality of your initial number.

The VERSO + service is accessible through the following formula: * 727 # ok call with two activation modes:

Default activation: all calls will display the VERSO + number.

Activation on demand: to display theVERSO + number, you must dial 4 before the number to call.

VERSO + for 7 days at 150 Da with renewal on demand.

VERSO + for 30 days at 250 Da with automatic renewal.

Condition: The VERSO + number cannot be rented by the same subscriber for more than 90 days.

Call 777, use the Digital server and follow the steps

Minimum amount to transfer: 500 DA

This service is free

I am a Prepaid / Control customer: Click on “FLEXY” in the lower menu of the Djezzy App, then on the “+” icon then the “credit” tab.

The amount of credit to be transferred must be between 50DA and 100DA, the number of transactions is limited to 6 / day and is billed at 10DA for each transaction from the main credit.

Your default credit transfer code is 00000. To secure it, dial * 780 *Former PIN code*New PIN code*New PIN code # Call OK

This feature allows you to communicate an 8-digit replacement code instead of your phone number when you top-up (Flexy).

The assignment of the Flexy Code is done via * 765 #

Whether you are outside the coverage area, abroad, or have turned off your mobile, you are informed of all call attempts. You just have to dial ** 62 * 333 # OK.

As soon as your phone is switched back on, you will immediately receive a free SMS notifying you of the caller’s number, the date and time of the call and the number of call attempts.

Mode manuel :

Composez le préfixe 702 suivi du numéro du correspondant ( 70207******** ) et envoyer le SMS en question.

Mode automatique:

Si vous envoyez un SMS vers Djezzy et que votre crédit est insuffisant, vous serez automatiquement notifié par un message vous invitant à utiliser le service SMS 3LIK.

Manual mode:

Dial the prefix 702 followed by the correspondent’s number (70207 ********) and send the SMS.

Automatic mode:

If you send an SMS to Djezzy and your credit is insufficient, you will be automatically notified by a messageinviting you to use the 3LIK SMS service.

You just need to press 1 to ask your recipient to pay the 5 DA. An SMS will be sent to your recipient, he must press 1 to accept or 2 to decline within 12 hours.

SMS BIP allows you to send to your loved ones 6 free SMS on Djezzy renewable each week, even when you have no balance.

3 BIP SMS “Call me”

3 BIP SMS “Flexyli”

To use them, dial * 100 # and follow the steps.

Tranquilo emergency top-up credit is allocated only once to eligible prepaid customers who no longer have sufficient credit.

Tranquilo 20: 20 DA / 24H (2 DA subscription fees) is accessible via *100# & via the Djezzy App. This allocated credit is valid for calls & SMS to Djezzy.

New Tranquilo levels available exclusively on the Djezzy App if you have a credit of less than 5 DA:

– Tranquilo 50: 50 DA / 7 days (5 DA subscription fees)

– Tranquilo 100: 100 DA / 7 days (10 DA subscription fees)

This allocated credit is valid for calls & SMS to all national networks.

The 22 DA, 55 DA or 110 DA will be deducted during your next reload.

Approach the nearest Djezzy store with a handwritten request and your ID.

If your cancellation request is made before the effective suspension of your line, the service charge will not be generated.

In the case of your request is expressed when the line is already disconnected, the charges are generated and are not refundable.

Approach the nearest Djezzy store with a handwritten request and your ID.

If your cancellation request is made before the effective suspension of your line, the service charge will not be generated.

In the case of your request is expressed when the line is already disconnected, the charges are generated and are not refundable.

Please go to the “Our offers” pane of the Djezzy App side menu and then on the “internet” tab to view the Djezzy 3ayla packs and packages

Flexynet is a feature intended for all our Djezzy Individual subscribers to transfer internet volumes at any time to another Djezzy number and this in an unlimited manner.

The validity of the internet volume transferred varies between 24 hours and 48 hours.

To use it, click on “FLEXY” in the lower menu of the Djezzy App, then on the “+” icon then the “internet” tab and choose your level


Via the internet section of the Djezzy app or by dialing * 707 #


Dial * 707 # and follow the steps

Shake & Win is a new Djezzy App feature that allows prepaid customers to benefit from exceptional and exclusive offers through a fun “Shake & Win” principle

To benefit from it all you have to do is launch the Djezzy App and shake your Android Smartphone

I have an Android:

Send the word “internet” by free SMS to the number 7000.

You will instantly receive the configuration SMS from your device, all you have to do is save them and activate your mobile data.

I have an iPhone / Windows Phone:

Follow the steps at the following link:

Dial * 707 #, choose “4: Parental Control” and follow the steps on the child’s mobile or your own mobile (if the it is used by a child).

Save the Parental Control settings you received by configuration SMS on the mobile.

The child’s mobile is now protected. If he tries to access a site with sensitive content, a restriction web page appears

Dial * 707 #, choose “4: Parental Control” click on disable the service and follow the steps.

Install the internet configuration parameters received by SMS “

Facebook Flex” allows you to switch at will between a paid browsing mode and a free browsing mode on Facebook.

To use this service, all you have to do is log into your Facebook account, you will receive a pop-up inviting you to log into Facebook in “Free” mode; you just have to press “Continue”.

If you press “No thank you” you keep all the features of Facebook in paid mode. The terms of use of “Facebook Flex” also apply to Facebook Messenger

You can manage this service from your Facebook settings as well as your Messenger (Together or Separately).

Mobilis possède des accords Roaming avec plusieurs pays et différents opérateurs, consultez leurs listes sur le site /rubrique Roaming ,ou bien contactez le service client 666/888 pour le grand public, et 999 pour les entreprises via une ligne MOBILIS et 0660 600 666/888/999 via le fixe ou autre réseau mobile. 999 pour les entreprises via le mobile et 660 600 666/888/999 via le fixe. Composez le numéro long +213 660 600 666/888/999 si vous êtes à l’étranger.

Pour toute information sur les tarifs, consultez le site web : , ou appelez le service client au 666/888 ou rendez-vous dans l’une de nos agences Mobilis.

La personne qui vous appelle n’est pas sensée savoir que vous êtes en Roaming. Son appel est donc facturé au même titre qu’un appel local. De ce fait, vous prenez en charge la communication de Mobilis vers le réseau étranger où vous vous trouvez.

Avant de lancer une communication téléphonique vers l’Algérie depuis un pays étranger, il est nécessaire de composer l’indicatif de sortie. Ce code permet d’informer votre opérateur téléphonique que vous souhaitez appeler un numéro dans un autre pays. Laissez votre doigt appuyé quelques secondes sur le chiffre 0 pour composer le signe + (code de sortie). Entrez ensuite l’indicatif international du pays dans lequel réside votre correspondant à savoir le 213 pour l’Algérie, saisissez le numéro du correspondant sans le premier chiffre 0

Dans l’exemple que nous avons choisi, il vous faudra donc saisir le numéro suivant : +213 6 XX XX XX ou le 00 213 6 XX XX XX.

Consultez votre solde depuis l’étranger en composant gratuitement *222#.

Plusieurs canaux de rechargement sont mis à votre disposition:

1- Via carte de recharge: Pensez à acheter vos cartes de recharge avant de partir en voyage et rechargez votre compte en composant gratuitement le *111*, code de recharge suivi de # puis validez.

2- Via le service Arsselli: Une tierce personne pourra vous envoyer du crédit depuis l’Algérie via Arsselli au niveau des points de vente ou agence Mobilis.

3- Via les service de paiement/rechargement en ligne:

En utilisant le servie E-rselli

En utilisant l’application “Baridimob”, si vous êtes détenteur d’une carte Edhahabia

En utilisant l’application “Wimpay”, si vous êtes détenteur d’une carte CIB de la BNA.

La connexion au réseau étranger est automatique. En cas de difficultés lors de la sélection automatique du réseau étranger, il est recommandé de se connecter manuellement. Consultez

Si vous êtes un client Postpayé, il vous suffit de vous rendre à l’une de nos agences Mobilis, et demander l’activation gratuite du service.

Si vous êtes un client Prépayé, vous devez contactez le service client pour vous assurer que le service Data Roaming est activé sur votre ligne.

Le service Men3andi vous permet de prendre à votre charge les frais des appels reçus de personnes de votre choix.

Pour utiliser le service Men3andi, il vous suffit de taper *618# et de constituer une liste de numéros que vous prendrez en charge quand ils vous appelleront. Cette liste peut contenir jusqu’à 10 numéros Mobilis.

Les numéros que vous pouvez enregistrer sur votre liste Men3andi doivent uniquement être des numéros Mobilis Prépayés.

La composition et la gestion de votre liste sont gratuites. Le tarif de l’appel est de 4 DA/30sec.

Afin de vous inscrire au service Naghmati de Mobilis, il vous suffit d’envoyer INS par SMS au 680 ou de composer *680# ou appeler le 680 et suivre les instructions.

Coût de l’appel 10da/min

Coût du sms 5da.

La souscription au service Naghmati coûte 40Da/mois avec attribution d’une sonnerie gratuite.

Vous pouvez modifier cette sonnerie au niveau d’un large catalogue de sonneries au prix allant de 90 Da à 170 Da TTC/ 2 mois.

Si vous ne disposez pas d’assez de crédit pour renouveler votre abonnement, vous bénéficierez d’une validité de 60 jours durant laquelle le service restera opérationnel. Si au bout du 60ème jour votre compte n’a pas été rechargé, il sera désactivé.

Pour supprimer une sonnerie, il suffit de composer *680# ou d’appeler le 680 et suivre les instructions de l’IVR pour supprimer la sonnerie souhaitée.

Pour désactiver votre compte Naghmati, envoyer DES par SMS au 680.

Vous pouvez télécharger l’application « MobSound » GRATUITE depuis Google Play (La connexion est soumise à la tarification de votre offre) ou à travers l’adresse: , et vous inscrire au service par la suite via l’application ou en envoyant 1 par SMS au 4121

Oui, vous recevrez la notification suivante : Votre demande de souscription au service MobSound a été effectuée avec succès. Expire le jj/mm/aaaa

Pour accéder au contenu de l’application Mobsound, vous devez télécharger l’application sur Google Play ou via et procéder à son installation

1-Dans le cas de l’utilisation d’une connexion internet 3G/4G de Mobilis: l’identification de votre numéro est automatique

2- Dans le cas de l’utilisation d’une connexion WIFI: il vous suffira d’entrer votre numéro de téléphone.

Vous receverez par sms un code secret sur votre numéro de téléphone, que vous devez entrer sur l’application pour profiter du contenu de l’application.

Oui, il vous suffit de vous connecter et d’aller sur ‘’ Paramètres ’’ et changer vers la langues souhaitée (Anglais/Français et Arabe).

Non, il faut vous abonner à nouveau pour pouvoir écouter de la musique.