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Universal Service Telecommunications Expansion Project

Access to telecommunications services, in accordance with Executive Decree No. 03-232 of 23 Rabie Ethani 1424 corresponding to June 24, 2003, amended and supplemented, determines the content of the universal postal service and telecommunications, the applied tariffs and the way it is financed, voice and data aspects is a right to all citizens that the government is committed to guarantee.

The Universal Service of Telecommunications is the mechanism through which this right is assured. It expresses the availability of a minimum service for everyone, in particular telephone service of a consistent quality, an agreed, routing of emergency calls, and access to internet services at a minimum speed of 512 kbps in respect of principles of equality, continuity, universality and adaptability.



The Universal Telecommunications Service is intended for areas that are not deemed economically viable and where operators are not obliged to cover as part of their operating licenses. It concerns towns which are not served with voice and data communications and where the number of inhabitants is less than two thousand (2000).

A census of all the localities that meet the eligibility criteria for the Telecommunications Universal Service has been performed regularly in order to cover it progressively.

At the national level, it has been recorded to date 1 118 localities with a total population of 1,249,376 inhabitants.

A first call for competition was launched on March 31, 2015.