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The Universal Service

Universal service can be defined as "an agreed minimum service, which quality is specified, for all users at an affordable price." The definition according to the 2000-03 law, the universal postal service (SUP) in its Article 9 Paragraph 18 is: « The provision for all with a minimum service consisting of a postal service of a content and a given quality provided by one or more operators in a permanent manner and at all points of postal territory, at affordable rates.».


 Content of Universal service for post

According to Executive Decree No. 09-310 of September 23, 2009 amending and complementing the Executive Decree No. 03-232 of 24 June 2003 determining the content of the universal postal service and telecommunications, the tariffs applied to it and its financing modality, especially article 06 :
The universal postal service covers the following activities :

  •  Letter mail weighing up to 02 kg, including books, catalogs and periodicals
  •  Registered items and declared value
  •  Packages weighing up to 20 kg
  •  Telegrams
  •  Literature for the visually disabled
  •  The payment of pensions and social mandates
  •  A postal presence in the administrative centres of communes and all agglomerations of more than 6,000 inhabitants.

 Method of financing the universal postal service

In conformity with the provisions of Executive Decree No. 03-232 of 24 June 2003 shaping the content of the universal postal service and telecommunications, tariffs applied to it and its financing modality, including Article 17 :
The universal postal service and telecommunications benefits from :

  •  The possibility of state funding which amount is set through the Finance Act
  •  The possible contributions of the postal operators and telecommunications set as follows :
  •  For postal operators, the contribution is set at three percent (3%) of their turnover
  •  For telecommunications operators, the contribution is determined according to the terms of the specifications.

A detailed statement of the accounting operations, certified by a chartered accountant, is conveyed to the regulatory authority of post and telecommunications at the latest four months after the end of year.
The contribution is paid annually in one installment. The due dates are set by the regulatory authority for post and telecommunications.

 Historical Overview

Ensuing the drafting of the terms of reference which sets the responsibilities associated with the provision of universal postal service, signed on 27 June 2011 by the former official of the three institutions MPTIC, and L’ARPT and Algérie Poste, it was agreed that the ARPT will be funding the provision of universal service. In February 29, 2012 an agreement was signed between the DG of the ARPT and CEO Algérie Poste, and led to the payment of a first check with an amount of "1820 billion" dinars to the postal operator for the universal postal service for 2010.
The universal service fund established in 2003 is managed by the ARPT in accordance with Article 09 of Executive Decree No. 03-232 "the financial resources mobilised for the universal service are comprised in the budget of the regulatory authority of post and telecommunications. These resources must be reserved exclusively to fund of the universal service."

 The objectives of universal service

The objectives of universal service are defined by Article 05 of Decree 03232 namely :

  •  The sustainability of postal activity
  •  The universality of postal service
  •  The continuity of public service
  •  Pricing at reasonable prices
  •  Ensure administrative performance , financial and quality of service;
  •  Ensure the safety of deposited funds.