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Research & innovation to serve ICT industry

Algeria's major challenge of transition to the knowledge society is to create an added value and improve its citizens’ living standards and social welfare.
Technology parks creation in Algeria fits within an ambitious national strategy, aiming at aligning it with knowledge society and giving full priority to the promotion of industry, research and innovation in the ICT sector.



As a matter of fact, aware of technology parks’ significant role as catalysts of innovation processes and driving forces for development and economic growth, the State has been fitted with a mechanism to design and implement its national policy for technology parks’ promotion and development, which was reflected by establishing the National Agency for Promotion and Development of Technological Parks (ANPT).
The role of Technology Parks’ promoter attributed to the ANPT is a decisive factor for the success of the first Technology Park as well as for the other technological parks coming under its responsibility. With a view to put Algeria on the path of progress and technological innovation with regard to the regional context, by the way very competitive, we notice in Algeria’s neighboring countries and in the Mediterranean, the creation of many technology parks and centers with a similar concept to Algiers’ Cyber Park.
Among the strategic objectives of the ANPT, we find that these parks will be, in the future, the "nerve centers" of a national network dedicated to scientific and technological research enabling to meet the requirements of upgrade and excellence in the industrial base and development needs of high-added value services of virtual economy. This is a major challenge of the twenty-first century.
To achieve these objectives, in terms of added value, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, based on ICT, technology parks must focus their efforts on developing the following elements:

  •  Density of ICT stakeholders likely to stimulate individual competitiveness in ICT business and to ensure technology parks’ attractiveness, sustainability and growth.
  •  Cooperation among the various stakeholders to increase individual companies’ capacity and competitiveness in order to promote exchange of experience, know-how and expertise.
  •  Innovation : it is about privileging collaborative innovation by creating a synergy of interactions and innovation capacity within companies.
  •  Enhancing entrepreneurship that has a socioeconomic impact, with all the implications it can have on wealth creation, revitalization of territories and job creation.


The objectives assigned to technology parks

 Specific objectives

  •  To provide hosting facilities with all associated services to make them privileged places for ICT companies gathering.
  •  To foster innovation and entrepreneurship via incubators.
  •  To attract foreign investments and facilitate technology transfer.

 Specific sectoral objectives

  •  To Provide support and high quality services to ICT companies in order to develop their innovation capacity and their regional and global competitiveness
  •  To increase the percentage of new businesses and ICT-based spreading of start-ups by providing an initial and sustained assistance to entrepreneurs
  •  To diversify the ICT value chain by allowing it to integrate various economic sectors

 Economic objectives

  •  To expand employment in the ICT sector
  •  To increase private sector investment
  •  To end the brain drain and facilitate the creation of business in Algeria
  •  To diversify the sources of national income
  •  To contribute to the improvement of Algeria’s competitiveness by improving productivity through technological progress.