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The start-ups incubator and ICT business development in Algeria

At this time, the world vibrates at the accelerated pace of the technology progress and inventions. Economy and management are two areas that are strongly influenced by: innovation in technology, telecommunications, methods of production and projects management, in order to achieve a greater economic value and ensure employment and growth. Observers of international business trends believe that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the best qualified, thanks to their size and management flexibility, to make profits and make successful and innovative projects, to contribute to growth.


Similarly to most developed countries that have a close interest in this category of companies in order to cope with economic constraints, Algeria bets on SMEs to diversify the drivers of economic growth and win the globalization challenge. The incubation of projects as proposed by the National Agency for Promotion and Development of Technological Parks, fits in a precedence sequence to the actual inception of the company, since it covers the period that starts from the detection of an idea to the achievement of the project, while rolling through a process of conception of the business project.
Throughout its incubator, the National Agency for Promotion and Development of Technological Parks is an organization or an environment that influences, in the upstream, the business creation process, skills and motivations of the entrepreneur. It is a "guide" that helps entrepreneurs to be procured with a conducive environment, in terms of secretarial service, administrative support, installation and support in areas of management business, finance and accounting.
The incubator seeks to create a synergy between several factors (talent, technology and knowledge); develop entrepreneurial behavior; accelerate the commercialisation of technology and encourage the development of new businesses. It creates the ecosystem that allows the project developer to mature his/her reflexion.
It is a place of maturation for business projects. It is organized around the idea of networks and relationships or competency. Besides, it stimulates and procures awareness, detection, training, support, network animation, premises and assets management, fund management, procedural and administrative management of the project leader, managing the financial structures for the launching of projects.
Among the essential components of the ecosystem to develop, its appear in first position, the incubators and breeding-ground for innovative companies. As such, the incubator of Sidi Abdellah gradually embarks on an entrepreneurial dynamism set by ANPT for over 4 years. It gained exposure on the entrepreneurial nationally, given its initial results. Indeed, 18 young ICT companies have been created since the start of the incubation process in May 2010. Currently, it continues to support activities and coaching holders of more than 49 business creative projects and 15 new startups to create future business leaders.
It should be noted that in this context, an international project called "Support to the Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies (MPTIC) in the implementation of an ecosystem fostering the development ICT in Algeria "was initiated by the MPTIC in partnership with the European Union in favor of the National Agency for the Promotion and Development of Technological Parks (ANPT). A call for proposals was launched on 17 July 2015 on the European Union website, under reference EuropeAid / 137426 / IH / ACT / DZ.
The overall objective of this twinning project is the development of economic activities based on information and communications technology (ICT) and related uses. Its specific objective is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the MPTIC in the implementation of an ecosystem to foster the development of ICT.
The expected results are :

  •  The Improvement of the agency's partnership network for innovation
  •  Strengthening the framework of research and development of ICT
  •  Redesign of the incubation process through a contribution from EU countries' experience
  •  The revitalization of the technology park of Sidi Abdellah as a hub, by unifying initiatives in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship that focus on ICT