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Core indicators of ICT development

  •  Total capacity of domestic public switches.
  •  Subscriptions to landline
  •  VoIP subscriptions
  •  Percentage of subscriptions to the landline residential telephone service
  •  Percentage of landline subscriptions in urban areas
  •  Number of KMS lines
  •  Subscriptions to cellular mobile telephone service, post-paid and prepaid
  •  Subscriptions to mobile cellular service, by speed of access to data
  •  Percentage of area coverage by the cellular mobile network
  •  Percentage of the population coverage by a mobile cellular network
  •  Percentage of the population coverage by at least a 3G mobile network

Internet bandwidth

  •  International Internet bandwidth, in Mbit/s
  •  National Internet bandwidth, in Mbit/s

Subscriptions to fixed Internet (wired)

  •  subscriptions to fixed Internet (wired)

Subscriptions fixed broadband (wired)

  •  Fixed Internet subscriptions by technology
  •  Fixed Internet subscriptions by debit

Subscriptions to the wireless broadband

  •  Wireless broadband subscriptions (all that is wireless: mobile, WiMax, fixed 4G and sat)
  •  Satellite broadband subscriptions
  •  Broadband subscriptions through fixed wireless system(fixed WiMax and 4G)

Landline traffic

  •  Landline traffic to national fixed in minutes
  •  Landline to mobile telephone traffic, in minutes
  •  International fixed telephone traffic in and out, in minutes

Mobile traffic

  •  National mobile telephone traffic, in minutes
  •  Outgoing mobile traffic to international, in minutes
  •  Incoming international traffic to a mobile network in minutes
  •  Roaming outside of home network (outbound roaming), minutes
  •  Roaming traffic attributable to foreign subscribers (inbound roaming), in minutes
  •  SMS sent
  •  International SMS
  •  MMS sent
  •  VoIP traffic in minutes
  •  International telephone traffic in and out in minutes

Subscriptions to wireless broadband

  •  National Internet traffic
  •  Percentage of faults per 100 fixed telephone lines per year
  •  Percentage of fixed lines faults cleared by next working day


  •  Number of KMS (Kiosk Multiservice)
  •  Number of ACTEL (Telecom Commercial Agencies)
  •  Number of Commercial agencies / mobile operator
  •  Number of DICTEL
  •  Number of Internet Cafes
  •  Number of call centers
  •  Number of amplification Centres
  •  Number of authorised retail outlets


Wired Network

  •  Number of wireline equipment and capacity (DSLAM, MSAN, FTTx, etc.)
  •  Laying of FO (fiber optic) in km
  •  Number of municipalities connected to the FO
  •  Number of primary schools, middle schools and high schools connected to FO
  •  Number of health facilities connected to the FO
  •  Number of community connected to the FO

Mobile networks 2G / 3G

  •  Number of BTS (Base Tranceiver Station)
  •  Number of BSC (Base Station Controller)
  •  Number of MSC (Mobile Switching Center)
  •  Number of e-Node B

Fixed network LTE (4G)

  •  Number of e-nodeB station
  •  Capacity access to 4G

Fixed satellite network

  •  Number operators
  •  Number of VSAT stations
  •  Number of Access
  •  Number of terrestrial station
  •  Number of hub