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Research and development

The development of industry globally is a direct result of research efforts and massive investments in ICT. The impact is such that today powerful multinational corporations dominate trade at global stock exchanges.

The PTIC sector as a national focal point became aware of this deal and has set up already for more than a decade an approach create an ecosystem to support the R & D business , through :

  •  The setting up of a research center on CERTIC, having the legal nature of an EPST (Scientific and Technological Public Institute); the establishment of two research laboratories referred to them as LABORTIC and LARATIC respectively within the INPTIC and INTTIC
  •  The setting up of a research network called RESARTIC (Algerian ICT Research Network) consisting of 20 research laboratories and socio-economic companies under supervision
  •  The project aiming at establishing of research units involving socio-economic enterprises in the sector
  •  Le projet de mise en place d’unités de recherche au sein des entreprises socio-économiques du secteur
  •  The project aiming at setting up of a fiber production unit
  •  The project aiming at establishing of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in collaboration with the World Organization of Intellectual Property and the following ministries: MAE, MIM and MHESR

Achieved PNR projects

  •  Optical Transport Networks 40 GBits / s per channel
  •  Analysis and performance optimization of the optoelectronic and optical components for high speed fiber optic communications systems: Access and long distance network.
  •  System Monitoring Radio Spectrum (SRSS);
  •  Drafting of Lexicon for Radio Communication and space liaison (English-French-Arabic) (RASLEFAL).

The scientific output in ICT in Algeria

ICT scientific areas

Research areas of interest for the sector

  •  Management of the radio spectrum resource;
  •  Frequency management
  •  Broadband and Internet development
  •  Data security & encryption systems
  •  Database management
  •  Development of electronic payment processing devices
  •  Optoelectronics and Optical Telecom
  •  Radio and Space connections
  •  Development of web applications and network services
  •  Information Processing and decision support

Technological platforms

  • Moodle e-learning platform
  • CDMA2000 WLL-platform
  • Digital Switching Platform
  • Platform networks

Technological models

  • Model MSAN (Multi Service Access Node)
  • Model DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
  • Model CDMA 2000
    • 2G -BSSA
    • 2G -BSSB
    • Switching -MSF
    • Operations Maintenance - WHO
  •     Model CDMA 2000
    • BSF
    • 3G
    • SDH
    • DSLAM (ADSL)
    • Operations Maintenance - WHO
  • Digital FH model