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Protecting children online

These days, with nearly 3 billion users, the Internet is an incredible dynamic world of almost countless potential, able to respond to major issues of society (access to information, knowledge and socio-economic services, online learning, electronic transactions, access to health care, e-government etc). However the risks associated with cyber-security continues to grow both at national and international levels.


  •  Exposure to offensive images (pornography, violence, dangerous behavior ...)
  •  Disclosure of personal information and their persistence
  •  Cyber-bullying (threats, blackmail ...)
  •  Attempted fraud, identity theft and hacking of accounts

These challenges require global action, especially when it comes to protecting the youngest and most vulnerable citizens, the category of minors. To this end, several protection measures have been put in place, we mention especially the awareness campaigns conducted by the Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technologies and the free parental protection tools available to parents.
As part of the initiative for protecting children online, the MPT subscribed to the ITU initiatives aiming at the development of guidelines to create conditions for the founding of a secure and safe online world for future generations.

It should be mentioned that the Guide for Child Protection on the Internet is available for download on the following website:

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