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The History of the Algerian Stamp

To address the contingency right after independence, it was essential for the post authority to proceed with a first resolution. The latter consisted of overprinting French stamps with initials EA EA qui signifie  État Algérien or Algerian State by crossing out with a black solid coating the mention «French Republic».


On 1st November 1962, postal stamps releases at different times created the event. The "Sites" series have been issued in the morning. They were composed of five stamps holding French hallmarks with new face values of «0,05 Gorges de Kerrata», «0,25 Tlemcen - Grande Mosquée» et «1,00 Médéa - Anciennes portes de Lodi» along with «0,10 Barrage de Foum El Gherza» and «0,95 Hassi Messaoud». The Algerian postal authority has carefully selected Algerian landscapes as well as oil and water infrastructure sites, and then to affix in Arabic and Latin characters the words "Republic of Algeria."

The first stamp issued with Algerian colors representing the independent Algeria was entitled "the 8th anniversary of the Algerian Revolution". It was then the challenge initiated the by Algerian Post a symbol of national sovereignty. It was better known under the name "1 + 9" by the fact that face value of 1 NF has been added an additional charge of 9 NF in favor of martyr’s families making it undeniably exceptional. The 1st November would have been the occasion of a double celebration, the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1954 Revolution, celebrated for the first time in jubilation of the promise for the independence as pledged by the fathers of the armed struggle.

This stamp was made entirely with Algerian means, in a limited edition of 12,825 exemplary commemorating the glorious revolution that embodies the belonging of Algeria to the African-Islamic civilization.


The 1st November 1962 at 17:15, the emotion was at its height for the Algerian postal workers: the stamp "eighth anniversary of the Algerian Revolution" , the first Algerian stamp was born.

The Algerian Government announced at the same time its national identity, its territorial integrity, its membership in the African sphere and the Arab-Muslim culture, while recalling the very recent revolutionary experience of the nation.

The supply of 12 825 exemplary of the historic "9 + 1” has been soon exhausted.

Other release of stamps was going to follow. The Algerian stamp was able to gain a place among the nations. In fact, over sixty artists were solicited to draw stamps, among them famous Algeria fine artists with great artistic credentials such as Issiakhem, Temmam, Racim and Ali Khoudja. Many of these stamps were printed in world renowned printing houses. To date, the Algerian Post Administration issued over 1725 stamps with an average of 12 per year with a distribution of 200,000 exemplary per issue, illustrated envelopes with a stamp support have been issued at 2200 exemplary and 54 philatelic crowns illustrated day one with a descriptive note.