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Civil status

  •   First Name  :  Brahim
  •   Last Name :  BOUMZAR
  •   Marital status :   married and father of three children
  •   Date and place of birth :   24 December 1977

Training & qualifications

  • Certificate in Telecom Management, Centre for Excellence in Telecom Technology & Management CETTM Mumbai INDIA،
  • Diploma on Economic Development, Arab Planning Institute Kuwait،
  • Master’s Degree 2 in economic intelligence and innovation management, Business administration institute IAE/ Jean Monnet University, Saint Etienne, France،
  • Coach in organizational management , IDHEC Barcelona, Pompio Fabra University, Spain،
  • Training of Trainers In Quality Management ISO 9001, European Committee For Standardization-CEN-IANOR/Algeria (Algerian Institute of Standardization)،
  • Internal auditor of quality management ISO 9001, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)/Algerian Ministry of Industry،
  • Consultant in global strategic diagnosis , UNIDO/Algerian Ministry of Industry،
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Sciences , Option: Management, National Trade Institute INC currently “HEC Algiers”, Algeria،
  • Military training: Transmission Section Chief Officer, School of Transmission Application, Kolea (as part of the military service)،
  • Baccalaureate Degree in natural and life sciences.،

Professional path and experience:

  • Chief Executive Officer CEO of EPE SPA EADN (Digital Development Support Company),
  • Director within Prime Minister’s Office,
  • Senior Official within the Ministry of Post, Information and Communication Technology,
  • Senior Official at the National Institute of Industrial Productivity and Development (INPED),
  • Expert trainer in business management,
  • Member of boards of directors, commissions and sectoral and intersectoral committees ,
  • Technical sales Manager in the Private Sector,
  • Development of studies and supervision of research papers mainly in terms of business management,
  • Reserve Sub-Lieutenant, Joint Military Academy AMIA Cherchell (as part of military service).