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Evolution of registrations to ICT activities

According to the ARPT, ICT companies contribute to around 2.8% of the GDP (and 4% of GDP if we take into consideration the postal field). Also, the 2011 economic census conducted by the ONS illustrated that the number of companies in the field "Information and Communication" was 34,945 which represented 3.74% out of all companies surveyed during the same period (which was 934 250 companies).
The Ministry is interested in the evolution of registrations in ICT activities of Algerian companies according to the variations of their registration numbers, deregistration and the nature of their activities. The bulk of data was received from the National Center of Trade Registration CNRC which has enabled to establish a preliminary assessment of these companies which were categorized into distinct groups of activities for ease of analysis.
The activities of ICT companies are dominated by the activity group "ICT industry and service" which represents almost half of activities with a large number of network and power station installation, and telephone companies.
This activity has increased in the number of registrations, which is mainly due to the increase in number of companies’ registrations in businesses dealing with network and power station installation, and telephone companies between 2013 and 2014.
The Telecom activity group represented nearly a third of ICT companies. The latter is dominated by the KMS activity (Kiosks Multiservice), Network and Telecom companies and call centers.
Concerning the evolution of registrations in ICT activities, a decline was noticed since 2010, despite a modest recovery in 2013. The telecom business group recorded more deregistration than registration essentially in KMS activity (Kiosk Multiservice).
Concerning the IT and consulting group activity, it was noticed the dominance of R&D bureaus and consultancy offices with significant changes in the number of registrations compared to deregistration. Eventually, the group of trading in ICT goods activity registered a continuous increase with an increase of more than 1600 subscriptions between 2010 and 2015. The wholesale trade activities and import/export of computer products dominated this group business.

Evolution of imports of ICT Products

According to the latest statistical report of Algerian customs on Foreign Trade (December 2014), electrical products for mobile telephony ranked in the 3rd position in the family of industrial products that are imported directly behind of vehicles, which reflects the importance that ICT products within the national economy. The Ministry of Post and Information and Communications Technology is interested in the development of these imports carried out from the 2010-2014 period as well as to their main components.
Overall, it appears on one hand a clear evolution in the import of ICT products (of all types) well above 100%, on the other hand, we noted that the import of finished goods is significantly higher than the import of semi-manufactured products.
Also, it is evident that the importation of data processing machines as finished product is the largest in its class since it imports almost doubled in 2014.
Furthermore, the evolution in computer peripherals imports seems to follow the trend of the import of data-processing machines because its evolution has also almost doubled in size; same matter was noticed concerning imports of antennas, radio navigation devices and fiber optic which recorded an evolution of over 100% in 2013.