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The launch of the « Guide for the Protection of Children Online »


On the occasion of the National Children’s Day, celebrated on the 15th of July each year, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications announces the launch of the « Guide for the Protection of Children Online », which was established following broad consultations and in close coordination with the ministries in charge of National Defense, Interior Affairs, Religious Affairs, Communication, National Education, Youth and Sports, National Solidarity, as well as the National Gendarmerie,  Directorate General for National Security and National Authority for Child Protection and Promotion. 

This practical guide aims at preserving children and protecting them from potential hazards that might be the consequence of them using the internet, considering the curiosity and spontaneity that characterize them and which make them vulnerable to damages and violations of their moral and even physical safety.

The guide is articulated around a comprehensive approach to protect children of different ages: early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, and counts upon involving all the actors in their close environment, such as: parents, custodians, and educators.

The guide contains the following elements:

  • Precise diagnosis of the threats and hazards facing children when they use the internet.
  • Detailed determination of the concepts and chat elements (terminology) related to those hazards.
  • Demonstration of the practices and behaviors that parents, custodians, and educators should teach children to guarantee a safe use of the internet.
  • Available technological means to oversee the use of the internet, such as software and applications to protect them from contents that are harmful or abusive for children.
  • Clarification of the measures and available media for parents, custodians, and educators to interact and inform the competent authorities about the cases of child exploitation on the internet.

It should be mentioned that the Guide for Child Protection on the Internet is available for download on the following website:

In Arabic:

In French: