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E-gov and its cross-functional applications

As part of the implementation of e- administration and cross-functional applications, the MPTIC has initiated several projects in collaboration with other government departments. These projects mainly revolve around :

 Electronic procurement portal (e-procurement):

This project aims at implementing a system for the digitization of procurement procedures pursuant to the provisions of presidential decree n°15-247 of September 16th, 2015, on regulation of procurement and public service delegations.

This tool will be provided to central and local administrations as well as to public bodies. It shall include the various steps of the process of public procurement, mainly information, call for tender, postulation, sending the file’s elements, selection and granting.

 Mise à niveau du portail El-Mouwatine :

The launch of the upgrade project of El-Mouwatine portal responds to many requirements such as, inter alia, the:

  •  integration of the new techniques that emerged enabling to improve the portal’s visual aspect;
  •  advent of smartphones, tablets, etc, and their great success among citizens compels the adaptation of content to these new terminals;
  •  evolution of users’ needs requires to rethink the architecture through the focus on citizens;
  •   increase of online services offered by all public administrations requires to set up “El-Mouwatine” as a federating portal for all e-services.