Orascom Telecom Algeria « OTA » is a subsidiary of the Egyptian group Orascom Telecom Holding, owner of a license for installing and operating the mobile telephony network commercialized under « DJEZZY » brand.
In 2001, it was the turning point, after only one year of obtaining the second license of mobile phone of the type GSM, DJEZZY mobile telephony operator of second and third generation and VSAT, becomes the leader of telecommunications market in Algeria. After 15 year, Djezzy maintains its position with around 17 million subscribers, A covering network reached 95% of population, and some 140 billion Algerian dinars as incomes. In 2011 Djezzy became a part of VimpelCom group, a telecommunications company at global level. In 2013, Optimum Telecom Algeria (OTA) is created to replace Orascom Telecom Algeria. Pursuant to the agreement concluded in 2014 and finalized in 2015, the Algerian state has 51% of the Company, through the National funds of investment.



Djezzy in figures

  •  Sales Turnover: 164 billion Algerian dinars
  •  Number of staff: 3786
  •  Network of second generation: national coverage
  •  Network of third generation: 25 Wilaya
  •  Djezzy services centers: 93
  •  Points of sale: 12510
  •  Clients number of the second generation (2014): 17 357 898
  •  Clients number of the third generation (2014): 1 254 250
  •  The overall market share: (2014): 42, 99%


  •  GSM
  •  2G / 3G


 Route de Wilaya, Lot n°37/4,
Dar El Beida, Alger, Algérie
 +213 (0)770.85.00.00
 +213 (0)770.85.00.00
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