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Digital Development Support Company (EADN) (EADN)

The Digital Development Support Company (EADN) is meant as a catalyst for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital ecosystem in Algeria. Its aim consists in pooling the human resources, infrastructures and IT platforms of public administrations and entities in a bid to offer a quality public service to citizens.



  •  To modernize public administrations by setting up structuring IT platforms ;
  •  To dematerialize and provide administrative procedures online ;
  •  To rationalize the State’s IT expenses through a policy of investment pooling and technological harmonization ;
  •  To follow the implementation and put the government DATA centre in operation ;
  •  To set up decision-making systems for a more efficient monitoring of governmental actions ;
  •  To bridge the digital divide and foster the advent of the information society and knowledge-based economy ;
  •  To provide citizens and economic actors with decentralized channels to have access to administrations ;
  •  To establish, maintain and secure G2G communication interfaces ;
  •  To define the performance indicators of the systems set up, and ensure their monitoring and assessment ;
  •  To assess the impact of investments carried out in the digital field ;
  •  To modernize, urbanize and push forward the information systems of public bodies ;
  •  To guarantee the interoperability of public bodies' information systems ;
  •  To achieve and implement integrated management platforms (ERP) for public bodies.

Contact Information

Head Office
  Multi-tenant building, Sidi Abdellah cyberpark, RN N°63, Rahmania, Zeralda - Algiers, Algeria.
 +213 (0) 23 20 23 16
 +213 (0) 23 20 23 16