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Development of the Post

The postal sector fits in a dynamic modernization and diversification of its services and improving the quality of services for citizens. The agreed program is focused on 6 main areas, namely:

  •  1st prog: Intensification and renovation of the postal network
  •  2nd prog: Modernization and security of applications and systems
  •  3rd prog: Modernization of retail payment system and Post Financial services (SFP)
  •  4th prog: Modernization and strengthening of the channelling of mailand fund transportof funds
  •  5th prog: Development of online services and mobile applications
  •  6th prog: Diversification of products and services


 1st Program

Expanding the network of post offices since 1 January 2010to September 2015 from 3357 to 3664 (including 13mobilepost offices) an average addition of 60 offices.

  •  The letter post weighing up to 02 kg, including books, catalogues and periodicals
  •  Rehabilitation of more than 500 post offices over the last five years
  •  Reclassifying nearly 100 post offices R4 at Daira head office to become R3
  •  ATM Park Extension to 1160 with the procurement and installing 460 new ATMs
  •  Implementation of the IBP solution (polyvalent windows) 750 post offices


 2nd Programme

Modernization and security of applications and systems: Network Migration X25:

1. Network Migration X25 (2015/2016 Program):

During the year 2015, a program is registered with Algeria’s own funds to operate migration of 1973post offices on our IP access network.

2. Securing the access network to post offices via a 3G cellular network

Objectives :

  •  Improve quality of service to lower class offices R3 / R4
  •  Develop a differentiated radio access network of wired IP access network
  •  Ease of deploying compared to other radio access networks
  •  Securing the existing wired network

Consistency :

  •  Front Network developed by Algérie Poste
  •  Two routing equipment at each site
  •  The streaming of the access network is supported by the operator Mobilis
  •  The network is configured as a VPN


 3rd Program

Modernization of mass retail payment system and the Postal Financial Services (SFP)KEY FIGURES AND PROVIDED SERVICES

 International money orders

  • Release
    • 29 000 titles
    • 504 Million DA
  • Payment
    • 197 000 titles
    • 4,9 billion DA

 Interior schemefor mandates

  • Release
    • 3, 8 Million titles
    • 58,6 billion DA
  • Payment
    • 3, 9 Million titles
    • 58, 3 billion DA

 Value Added Service

  •  An all-encompassing deduction.
  •  Checking on account CCP (e-CCP, RACIDI, ATM)
  •  Checking on account CNEP (e-CNEP)
  •  Western Union (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  •  Electronic International Mandates(IFS).
  •  SMS Notification (CCP card, checkbook).
  •  Electronic Recharge Mobile 9030 (Racimo)
  •  Electronic Recharge Mobile (ATMs).
  •  ADSL Internet reload card
  •  Invoices Payments (TPE)
  •  Internet Bill payments (Khlass)
  •  Electronic Payment of wages (IDS VES)


    • 8, 5 Million Accounts (Individuals and Legal Entities)
  • Debits
    • 169 Million operations
    • 13 600 billion DA
    • 72 Million Operations
    • 13595 billion DA
  • CCP assets: 600 billion DA



  •  4.5 Million Accounts
  •  1.2 million payments (151 billion DA)
  •  1.3 Million Refunds (131 billion DA)


 4th program : Modernization and strengthening of mail channelling activity and funds transport:

Around 400,000 mailboxes availed to the customer in all post offices nationwide

  •  Expanding the solution of the electronic mail tracking (IPS) at 320 postal outlets (post offices, EMS centers, sorting centers and parcel post and CDD)
  •  1720 mailboxes installed in public roads
  •  2835 mailboxes installed in the front of post offices
  •  500 intelligent franking machines "computerized franking of mail"
  •  3652 Post Offices
  •  63 centers specialized in the treatment and distribution of mail
  •  08 regional sorting centers
  •  01 national and international sorting centers
  •  03 parcel centers.
  •  01 hybrid mail center and desktop publishing
  •  01 national center for handling of complaints
  •  Around 400,000 mailboxes availed to the customer in all post offices nationwide
  •  1720 mailboxes installed on nearby public roads
  •  2835 mailboxes installed nearby post offices
  •  500 intelligent franking machines "computerized franking of mail"


 Hybrid mail

The creation of the subsidiary to reinvigorate hybrid mail delivery business and to allow the large mail originators to outsource items exchanged with their customers.
Hybrid mail: it is the processing of mail pertaining to companies and large public utilities from the reception of the electronic file to the distribution via computer sorting, design and page formatting, printing, putting into envelopes and postage. It is a solution from end to end. The Hybrid mail solution of Algérie poste consists of a central site, acquired through equity of (A.P) and three (03) regional sites (on projects) PSRE.
The center of hybrid mail was put into service in December 2007, equipment and software were set up and production start in 2008

 Express Mail EMS

  •  Conversion into subsidiaries of EMS Champion Post in 2011
  •  Creation of 15 sales offices nationwide.
  •  Concluding of partnership agreements with major global operators of express delivery service (DHL, Chronopost France).
  •  Launching online of a tracking system for international shipments. IPS system.
  •  Establishment of a domestic shipments traceability system.
  •  Launching a new service Cash on Delivery: Delivery against payment of the market value of the parcel
  •  Insurance of shipments
  •  Revalidating international standards of EMS dispatching.
  •  Expanding of the distribution network in 40 wilayas
  •  Distribution of postal packages and registered packages

 Qualité De Service

  •  Scanning des arrivées, 98.60% (résultat juillet 2015).
  •  Transmission des données de suivi dans les délais, 76.50%.
  •  Fourniture d’informations de livraison, 94.40%
  •  Répondre dans les délais des demandes de requêtes formulées dans le cadre du système de rugby 100%.Délais de livraison


 5th Programme: Development of online services and mobile applications

To reinvigorated proximity service, the public operator will launch in the 1st quarter 2016 a new ALGERIE POSTE-MOBILE, which is a downloadable application from Google Play / APP store.

 ALGERIE POSTE-MOBILE : allows customers to: :

  •  Locate nearest post offices / cash point from the customer’s location
  •  Consult your account statement / mini statement
  •  Follow his/her shipments
  •  Calculate the various charges on services applied by Algérie Poste (mail / package / CCP transaction)
  •  Follow and be advised on new philatelic releases, collections and undertake search.

 The Mobile service locate of Algérie Poste : will allow customers to :

  •  Locate the 5 nearest post office from the customer's location
  •  Locate ATMs from the nearest location of the client

 The Mobile service "Track a Shipment" of Algérie Poste : will allow customers to :

  •  Follow a map order
  •  Follow a checkbook order
  •  Follow a mail
  •  Track a package

 Algérie Poste "Consult"

This is an online service available on the link which allows CCP account holders to be informed in real-time transactions on their accounts via SMS notifications.
The service is available after an online membership at which the customer registers his mobile phone number and chooses the notifications he/she wishes to receive on their phone :

  •  Consult
  •  Consult the statement of the last 10 operations
  •  Order magnetic card
  •  Order checkbook

 Product and diversification of services

  • Selling of products
    • Added value products (phone cards)
    • Stamps (TP / TT, TF / TA)
    • Vignettes Automobiles or (annual car tax)
    • Telephone Directories
  • Cash collection and debt recovery processes of bills and monthly deadlines
  • Payment of pensions and allowances for the third party "The Ministry of Solidarity and Social Action"