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Development of innovation centers and projects

 Development of innovation centers

The MPTIC is currently developing a community development approach strategy of technology parks, which aims to:

  •  Stimulate a dynamic ICT cluster
  •  Serve as physical and virtual hub for ICT activities in Algeria
  •  Provide a quality technical and business support for companies in Algeria
  •  Accelerate the rate of training and expansion of start-ups and SMEs
  •  Diversify the value chain of ICT
  •  Stimulating the ICT export vector



 Innovation and ICT Contest

As part of the festivities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the Ministry of Post and Information Technology and Communication (MPTIC) launched the first edition of the national contest Innovation & ICT titled "Youth, nerve innovation."

Contest Objectives

  •  Encourage innovations that contribute to the creation of new services or products.
  •  Increasing the competitiveness of young people
  •  Contribute to the development of the country
  •  Stimulate among young Algerians, men and women, interest in technology and engineering careers
  •  Encourage designers to exchange ideas and explore innovative business opportunities
  •  Create a space promoting competition rewarding competition
  •  To contribute to achieving the objectives of the state in terms of technological development and promotion of research and innovation
  •  Participate in the diffusion of the culture of innovation

The first edition 2015 was split into two categories :

  •  a. Women Category, Innovation & ICT: the Final was held on April 23, 2015, corresponding to the "International ICT Girl Day"
  •  b. Youth category, Innovation & ICT: Final held May 17, 2015

In this context, a website dedicated to the event was made available. It allowed the young people wishing to participate to the contest, throughout the forty eight provinces (dans la version francaise est mentionne le nombre de 40 wilaya?) of the country, to convey their projects remotely via the website contest.The site contained all information related about the contest themes, and the conditions of participation and selection of winners. In addition to the event website, Facebook accounts «» and twiter « » were made available to inform broadly across the country and to facilitate exchange and communication flow. These accounts, has been a real bridge between the administration and youth which allowed the MPTIC cadres to answer all questions and concerns of the followers of the competition closely.

A first selection allowed choosing the ten best projects of the participants. The holders of the pre-selected projects were given the opportunity, during the final to present their innovations before a panel of jury who selected the three best ideas among the ten shortlisted in each category. Prizes were awarded to the winners in each category according to their ranking in the final evaluation :

First prize
  •  An amount of 1 000 000,00 DA 
  •  Provision of a trophy
  •  Provision of a certificate of participation
Second prize
  •  An amount of 800 000,00 DA
  •  Provision of a trophy
  •  Delivery of a certificate of participation
Third prize
  •  An amount of 600 000,00 DA
  •  Provision of a trophy
  •  Delivery of a certificate of participation

MPTIC invites on yearly basis innovators to participate to this event. This contest wants to be a tradition, to be organized every year with the development.