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Setting up the Reform Commission for defective, obsolete or worn out sensitive telecommunications equipments

The Reform Commission for defective, obsolete or worn out sensitive telecommunications equipments has just been set up at the Ministry of post, telecommunications, technologies and digitalization, following its establishment bythe Interministerial Decree of July 2, 2017, fixing the nominative list of the members of the reform Commission for sensitive telecommunications equipments.

It will rule on requests for reforming sensitive equipments and will ensure the destruction of their sensitive parts.

Which sensitive equipments are involved?

The sensitive telecommunications equipments are listed in section A ofAnnex 1of Executive Decree n° 09-410, amended and supplemented.

What is the procedure to follow?

  1. Components of the file :

The concerned equipments must be the subject of a duly motivated request for reform.

The reform file is composed of:

  • a request for reform of sensitive equipments drafted pursuant to the model set out in Appendix I of the aforementioned Interministerial Decree;
  • a copy of the operating license for natural or legal persons and operators approved by the Ministry of the Interior Affairs; in the case of fishing aid equipments, a copy of the license for use;
  • a copy of the license to acquire or import these equipments;
  • a detailed technical sheet of each equipment, object of the reform request.
  1. Place of file submission :

The reform file must be submitted to the secretariat of the Reform Commission, namely the Sub-Directorate for Sensitive Telecommunications Equipments of the General Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies, every first Sunday of each month.

The acknowledgment of receipt of the Commission Secretariat, at the Sub-Directorate of Sensitive Equipments for Telecommunications, will prevail.

NB:The Commission’s decisions will be formally notified to each applicant.

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