Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Karim Bibi-Triki cochaired with Minister of Water Resources and Water Security, Tuesday, November 16, 2021 the work meeting devoted to examine the ways to promote electronic payment.

The meeting was attended by the secretary general of the ministry of post and telecommunications, the director general of Algerie Post, the governor of the Economic Interest Grouping Electronic Banking (GIE Monétique), as well as the General Managers of: the Algerian Water Company, the Company of Water and Sanitation of Algiers, the Company of Water and Sanitation of Constantine and the Company of Water and Sanitation of Oran.

The Minister opened the meeting by highlighting the efforts made in coordination with all stakeholders to strengthen and generalize electronic payment, especially in terms of connectivity and the number of electronic payment cards available, stressing that although the results recorded in electronic payment are encouraging and have achieved a qualitative leap, they remain below the potential and opportunities offered.

The Minister of Water Resources and Water Security, has stressed the need to be in line with the technical progress recorded and the modernization of information systems in the different companies in his sector, which will diversify the payment mechanisms for the benefit of citizens, especially by electronic means.

The outcomes of the meeting focused on the need to launch joint awareness campaigns between the two sectors for citizens to motivate them to join this initiative. Also, it was agreed to hold periodic meetings between the various stakeholders of the two sectors with a view to establishing a roadmap and work to overcome all difficulties and obstacles that could hamper efforts to generalize and strengthen the electronic payment.