Within the framework of the efforts of the government to fight the « Covid-19 » pandemic and limit the spread of the virus, and with regards to the increase in the number of cases recorded throughout the different Wilayas of the country, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, calls again upon citizens to exercise vigilance and cooperate with the workers and agents of post offices, as well as those of commercial agencies of the different fixed and mobile telephony operators that are at their service, by committing to apply the prevention measures initiated to preserve their health and guarantee the continuity of public service by mobilizing all available human, material and technological resources.   

In this respect, the services of the ministry are calling upon users of the structures of post and telecommunications to conform to the preventive measures recommended by the sanitary authorities, in particular to:

- Avoid gatherings and respect social distancing measures, when they go to post offices and commercial agencies.  

- Follow the paths prepared using signs and plaques to organize the wait and movement when they visit post offices and telecommunications structures.

- Wear protection masks, regularly use hand sanitizers.

Moreover, we should remind our dear citizens to make good use of the series of concrete procedures made available to them by the sector in order to facilitate the delivery of services while respecting the preventive measures adopted:

  • The proxy mechanism in favor of pensioners, allowing them, exceptionally, to withdraw their money, by mandating another person, in order to limit the movements of citizens, in particular the elderly whom are the most vulnerable to the virus.
  • The use of ATMs from the network of Algérie Poste and banks to withdraw their money and transfer it, as well as payment terminals and phone applications to pay for their purchases and the bills of consumption of  water, telephone, internet, electricity and gaz… in order to decrease the number of transactions in cash.
  • The possibility for workers of public companies and administrations to perceive their salary through the mechanism of an « agent » appointed by them for this operation, in accordance with the measures defined especially to this effect with their administrations.
  •  The allocation of mobile post offices in order to allow the members of the corpses engaged in the fight against the pandemic: security services, civil protection, and those from the health sector, to withdraw their salaries at their work place, during the whole period of payment of wages, in support of the efforts to face the pandemic.

Finally, the services of the ministry of post and telecommunications invited their partners from the civil society to pursue their efforts on the field, which they never failed to implement with excellence, during the whole period of fight against the pandemic, mainly with regards to the reception of citizens and their management, in addition to their important role in raising awareness about the measures of prevention.