The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Brahim BOUMZAR, has supervised, today Tuesday November 17, 2020, with the Minister of the Environment, Mrs. Nacera BEN HARAT, the launch of a national campaign for the disinfection of post offices. This campaign concerns all postal structures throughout the country, including post offices that attract a massive influx of citizens.

This initiative is part of the solidarity actions to face the risk of infection by Covid 19, which is reflected in the concerted efforts of the various ministerial sectors to protect the citizens as well as the workers in the postal sector mobilized to ensure the continuity of public service.

In his speech on the occasion, the Minister has affirmed that the sector is ready to face the health crisis caused by the increasing number of cases of coronavirus, and given the repercussions resulting from this exceptional health situation, a set of preventive measures were taken to ensure the maintenance of the public service while preserving public health. These measures are:

  • Adopt payment mechanisms developed through ATMs and debit cards (edhahabia and CIB bank), to pay telephone, water, electricity and gas bills.
  • Launch of a national campaign in coordination with different sectors and relevant institutions to encourage the use of electronic payment devices (TPE), by introducing these devices and their benefits to traders and citizens.
  • Offer better conditions for the benefit of our retired citizens and their dependents, in particular during the period of payment of retirement pensions and allowances, by adopting a new timetable to avoid the large influx of citizens to post offices. Thus, an electronic application is available to retired persons to allow them to know the exact day of the transfer of their pensions to their CCP account.
  • The introduction of an exceptional procuration procedure, which allows retirees and beneficiaries to withdraw their pensions and allowances by a relative, without having to go personally to the post office and run the risk of 'infection.
  • Intensify awareness-raising media campaigns calling for avoiding as much as possible multiple movements to post offices, emphasizing the importance of respecting the days of withdrawal of pensions and allowances set in the new calendar in force.
  • Mobilize workers in the sector, alongside the activities of civil society, to ensure strict compliance with preventive measures such as the use of protective masks, regular disinfection of hands with hydro-alcoholic solutions. In addition, respect the rules of physical distancing and avoid gatherings, while respecting the specially designed waiting lanes inside public establishments.

Given the prominent place occupied by the institution of the mosque in terms of awareness and orientation, an awareness campaign has been launched in all mosques in the republic, through which imams are responsible for passing awareness messages to the benefit our parents because they are most vulnerable to infection.