The Minister of Post and Telecommunications has paid on Monday, April 11, 2022 a working and inspection visit to the province of Djelfa to inspect some structures and achievements of the sector in this region as well as to inaugurate some finished projects.

He began his visit by inaugurating a new commercial agency of "Algeria Telecom" in Ain Oussara, urging workers to welcome citizens and introduce the range of offers provided to them and to improve the quality of commercial services to subscribers.

He also listened to a presentation made by the director of wilaya on the main postal indicators and those concerning telecommunications, in addition to the situation of projects received, underway and those scheduled.

In this regard, he called for making greater efforts to improve the rate of postal density in the province, currently estimated at one post office per 19,175 inhabitants, through the acceleration of the pace of construction of post offices and the immediate creation of local offices in areas with low postal density.

The postal network there has 91 offices. This network has recently undergone major rehabilitation, extension and modernization operations at eight (08) offices. In addition, the province has benefited last March of 13 ATMs and three new post offices.

As part of the investments planned for 2022, it will also benefit from the rehabilitation and renovation of 15 offices in addition to constructing two new offices. These basic infrastructures will bring services closer to citizens and contribute significantly to reduce postal density.

In addition, as regards telecoms, subscribers’ number to fixed telephony is 79,404, that of mobile telephony has reached 1,558,611 subscribers, while that to fixed Internet reached 65,081 subscribers, knowing that the fiber optic network extends over 3200km.

Regarding companies’ and public administrations’ connection to fiber optics, 65 communal annexes have been connected to broadband, thus allowing citizens to extract civil status documents quickly and securely as part of the government's strategy to modernize the public service and simplify administrative procedures.

To meet the needs of customers in terms of communication services, the province has four (04) commercial agencies, seven (07) points of presence of Algeria Telecom in addition to eight (08) commercial agencies of the three mobile operators. 

On the other hand, the Minister gave the kickoff of the Internet service operation via FTTH technology to the benefit of the inhabitants of the city Essalem, town of Ain Oussara. This operation will be generalized to the 37 new cities next year.

At this level, the Minister gave the following guidelines:

-The intensification of awareness campaigns during the weekends to encourage citizens to use this technology which remains low compared to the total capacity available,

-The coordination with local authorities to connect the communal annexes in the province to the fiber optic,

In this respect, the Minister received two small companies responsible for the implementation of fiber optics projects encouraging them to meet deadlines and quality standards.

In the city Zighoud Youcef, the Minister has put into service the commercial agency of Mobilis which serves to provide local services to residents of nearby cities. He took the opportunity to highlight the sector’s efforts to release more frequency spectrum in order to improve coverage.

Also, the Minister stressed the need to provide coverage by the mobile network during the current year on the national road n°1 linking Messad to Quentara, calling on the wilaya director to coordinate with local authorities regarding the provision of platforms necessary for the installation of antennas.

Subsequently, he headed to Ain Maabad area to commission the station of fixed 4G in the area of Hjer Melh to serve its inhabitants in terms of telephony and internet.

In the town of Ain Ibil, he visited a new post office and a point of presence of proximity of Algérie Telecom, he insisted, for this purpose, on the workers to raise awareness among citizens about the use of VSE for the payment of their bills.

Regarding the postal component, the province has 91 post offices. It has also benefited from quality operations of rehabilitation, extension and modernization recently, including in eight (08) offices. Last March, it also benefited from 13 ATMs and three new post offices.

As investments registered for the year 2022, this wilaya will know the rehabilitation and renovation of 15 post offices and the realization of two others. These basic infrastructures will contribute significantly to reduce postal density.

In the center of the province, the Minister visited the basic and commercial structures of the sector at the urban pole Bribih. This is a point of presence of Algeria Telecom and a project to connect fiber optic cities in the city by FTTH technology.

Finally, the Minister inspected the actel of Algerie Telecom and a post office in the city 05 July to ensure the working conditions and reception of citizens to promote the services provided.