Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Brahim Boumzar has visited on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 the province of Naâma to inaugurate and check the sector’s structures and projects mainly in shadow zones.

The Minister started his visit by taking stock of the situation and needs of the shadow zones’ citizens as from the district of Sfisifa in which he inspected two post offices including the shadow area of Ouleklek, after being renovated and rehabilitated. Afterwards, He attended with his delegation a detailed presentation about the sector’s basic infrastructures in this province beside a report on the achievements carried out in the current year and the prospects of development of structures, human and technology resources of post and electronic communications.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the postal network here comprises 53 post offices. It was reinforced between 2016-2020 with 4 new offices in addition to the rehabilitation and extension of 26 other post offices. These infrastructures have contributed to improve postal services and bringing them closer to citizens as well as to ease significantly the congestion on post offices which are currently estimated to 5454 customers/office. This average is less than the national one, i.e. 10.000 inhabitants/office. 

The web coverage is also given priority among the sector’s development programs. Indeed, the fiber optic network there stretches over 1815km long throughout this province. Furthermore, the high and very high speed internet will be backed up for citizens’ interest through two significant operations in progress: the first concerns the connection of 19 districts with MSAN, while the second is about spreading the FTTh over 17 districts during 2021.   

Besides, as an indicator of the sector’s interest in the widespread use of the ICTs in the administrative facilities in this province, 27 municipal annexes out of 34 have been connected to the internet added to 12 municipalities’ headquarters. 

As a reminder, as part of the sector’s ambitious efforts to provide postal and telecoms services for all citizens equally in terms of coverage and quality, 8 post offices have been renovated and rehabilitated and 10 remote areas have been connected with landline and internet thanks to the funding of the Support Fund of Universal Service for posts and electronic communications.

The Minister has also inaugurated the 3G station of Mobilis operator in “Hassi Defla” shadow zone. Mobilis has planned to achieve 16 other additional stations this year particularly in the shadow zones in order to improve and support the network that comprises currently 102  2G stations, 101 3G stations and 41  4G stations.

The Minister has also kicked off the launch of fiber optic technology “FTTH” in Ain Safra district, over 8 parts, enabling to conduct 1947 new accesses. This operation is included within the consecration of the principle of equity among citizens and the benefit from the same quality of services.

As a reminder, the FTTH is a sustainable and safe solution, providing a very high speed internet with broadband at request reaching 100 megabits/second for professionals.

As part of this visit, the Minister checked the installation of transmission equipments via modern equipments “metro Ethernet” that allows to increase the bandwidth which will make a quality leap from 10 gigabits to 100 gigabits. He also attended a presentation about the fiber optic project over 200 km (Naama-Hadjrat Lemkil) which was achieved, helping as such to secure the networks in this province and to ensure service continuity by all means.

The Minister has also met with young entrepreneurs working in telecommunications in order to hear their concerns.

The Minister has highlighted the opportunities provided to them mainly as part of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and the Ministry Delegate at the Presidency in charge of small enterprises as well as “Safqatic” portal  apart from the chances offered by the new economic pattern launched by “Algérie Poste” aiming at making small enterprises’ and startups’ owners accredited monetary agents  after meeting the terms defined in the relevant specifications, in order to be charged after a training, with supporting economic agents in the contractual process with “Algérie Poste” until they get the various electronic payment equipments, like the EPTs and allowing them to carry out the payment via QR Code in addition to the set up and maintenance of equipments.

The Minister has also visited the commercial branches of telecoms operators, and urged their directors to make more efforts in a bid to improve service quality to meet citizens’ needs.

On the other hand, He has inspected the project of development of a public building as a commercial branch for Mobilis, aiming at providing close services to this province’s inhabitants.

He has concluded his visit by Omrani Mohamed post office in Mechria, which had been rehabilited to respond to clients’ expectations with better quality of services and better working conditions for workers.